PSN Store Goes Down, Error Code 80710D23

Having problems getting onto the PSN Store just now? You’re not the only one – it’s been struggling under the weight of heavy traffic since late afternoon.  Round about the time that the Black Ops map packs appeared.

“This issue is directly related to high traffic,” PlayStation are telling us.  “We advise consumers to refrain from attempting to access the store until the issue is resolved. We will notify you when normal service has resumed. For now, accessing the store will only serve to prolong the issue.”


They also advise that you don’t contact Customer Support about this issue.  “They will be unable to provide any further information and you may be waiting a long time to speak to an agent.”

We don’t know whether some users are questioning multiple transaction costs, but there’s a bulletin about that too: “Once the Store issue is fixed,” say PlayStation, “we will investigate any multiple purchases of the same content made.”  Community team leader MusterBuster says that his suggestion is that you “wait until tomorrow morning and check your bank statements.”

It’s all a bit rough. Expect to not be able to verify your online pass for some games, and there might be some issues with PlayStation Home items and the Account Management screen.

The PlayStation community team are on the case with all official updates – check here for the latest or follow MusterBuster for more.



  1. that will explain why i keep getting kicked out of killzone!

  2. Pretty much back to normal for me now.

  3. Black Oops?

  4. Gt5 remote racing is working just fine.

    • Just the Store is down, online is fine and unaffected.

  5. This was hilarious, I just started downloading Black Ops and literally was kicked off the store. Reckon I got the last pack before the crash :P To My knowledge everything is back in working order though.

  6. Works for me. It’s probably just Europe.

    • Nope. I had the same problem last night and i’m in China. Couldn’t get into the store but also couldn’t get into the PS network :(

  7. Rather annoying, I grabbed Sonic from the Plus store just before it all went down :(
    Another year, another map pack, another store outage…

    • You would have thought a lesson would’ve been learnt from last time.

      • On my part or theirs? :P I remember reading the store update post yesterday seeing BlOps on there and thinking this would happen, not realising the map pack was released today.

        Ooh Sony just tweeted that it’s all fixed…

      • Theirs

    • maybe they can “advise consumers to refrain from attempting to access the store” each time a CoD map pack is released…

  8. I remember the MW2 DlC broke the ‘adding funds to the wallet’ for a couple of days, I’d have thought Sony would have realised quite a few people would get the Blops DLC.

  9. trophy sync is down as well for me.

  10. Must be everybody wanting Newest firstplay episode.

    Works fine for me now, was down earlier though for meh

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