Dynasty Warriors 7 GDC Footage

The latest gameplay footage of Dynasty Warriors 7 has emerged from GDC, and it’s looking like fans of the franchise are in for a treat when the game launches on April 1st.

Check out the video below, and revel in the carnage!

Source: Press Release



  1. Visually, it’s looking a hell of a lot better than DW6. One of my biggest issues with the game was the enemy pop-in which looks to have cleared up a bit.

  2. Can someone please explain the appeal of this series, they just seem all the same.

    • they’re all very similar, a few additions and upped graphics here and there. but you gotta give ’em a go, the older DW’s are still fun, with a friend it’s great. I personally prefer Samurai warrior’s though, it felt better to play.

  3. hmm, I know that DW usually doesn’t change much with each new game but I really can’t see much at all that’s an improvement on DW6 or DW6 Empires. The whole weapon swapping thing looks good, but that got old quickly in Strikeforce – and I only played the demo. Might just wait until the price goes down to £15-20 for this

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