UK Charts: Week Ending 5th March

How do you get Pikachu onto a bus? You Pokemon! That contender for joke of the year leads us nicely into this weeks UK Chart, which sees Pokemon dominate positions one and two. People say the formula hasn’t changed in over a decade, but it seems to be working for Nintendo. Fight Night Champion makes an impressive debut, whilst both Bulletstorm and Killzone 3 have tumbled (the latter worse than the former).

Meanwhile Just Dance 2 remains in the top ten. It’s starting to get slightly scary now…



Source: Chart Track



  1. I love that old Pokemon joke (and I stress the OLD).
    Killzone is doing ok for an exclusive.

  2. Killzone 3 – What a game, it took me to the edge and back, absolutely loved it, plan to hammer it online once I have completed my backlog.

    Absolutely staggering game, well done GG :-)

    • and really – who is still buying BlOps??????

      • People who think COD and Fifa are the only games worth buying each year I guess…

      • Yeah BlOps sales amaze me.

      • People that wait for the price to drop and eventually the patches to be filled – i picked up a copy for only £8.28 from amazon warehouse deals!

      • [email protected] Eldave0

        Yeah my brother has that exact outlook on the year of games :p

      • this is a question i would like answered as well !!!

      • Why should they buy black ops when mw2 is getting an update that patches challenge lobbies.

  3. Wow, Marvel took quite a plummet. Must admit I traded it in this weekend after getting most of the trophies. That £30 store credit will probably go towards Bulletstorm or Homefront. I’m not surpised to see Killzone3 dropping quite quickly, given how extremely short it is. Saw a lot of pre-owned copies in Game this weekend. Great game though

  4. no surprise there,pokemon is one of the strongest names in the gaming world.i am surprised about killzone 3,i thought it would be in number 3 before it got down to 5,that said i hope it stays in the top 5 for longer as it really is a great game.

    • Killzone 3 was actually top of the PS3 chart.

  5. “How do you get Pikachu onto a bus? You Pokemon!”

    A tumbleweed went past me when I read that.

  6. What do you get if you stab a Pokemon in the eyes? IcantPikachu

    Ill get my coat!

  7. I shall be getting one of the versions for the plane journey on my summer holiday, will do nicely to distract from flying (which I hate).

  8. Pokemon White is a great inprovment on the series!

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