First Saints Row: The Third Details Outed

The first batch of information regarding Saints Row: The Third has been posted in NeoGAF via the latest issue of Game Informer. For those who aren’t lucky enough to get a GI subscription, here’s a brief rundown.

  • The game’s story sees you play as the hero from SR1 and 2. Johnny Gat and Shandie return.
  • Co-op is in, but multiplayer has been removed.
  • Weapons are upgradeable.
  • There’s a new RC gun that shoots out an electronic bug that allows you to control vehicles, eventually upgradeable to control tanks and planes.
  • Missions can be finished in multiple ways, for example you can blow up a tower, or lead a team in and take control of it, thus giving you a new base of operations.
  • Earning respect sees you unlock perks to purchase.
  • All weapons have a specific animation for shooting people…in the groin (?!)

Hopefully some more information and nice, shiny screenshots will be released soon!

Source: GAF



  1. Multiplayer was great fun in SR2, that’s a shame. Still, co-op could be a blast, and the SR games are always a laugh.

  2. I hope that the draw distance of vehicles and people are fixed. whats the point of a sniper if objects keep disappearing, really annoying

  3. Sounds good. Looking forward to this. Never played a SR game before but from what I’ve read they sound cool.

  4. I loved Saint´s Row one and two and personally I think the announcement of this now adds more credit to whether GTAV is reall or not considering there has been a lot of attention about it the past few days. THQ releasing information to counter the hype? The past two games were great fun. I hope they leave that factor in. But take that stupid respect system out for soemthing else. Once you´re the leader of a gang you generally don´t need to go round earning respect by doing menial missions anymore.

  5. Possibly a daft question, but aren’t co-op and multiplayer the same thing?

    • I thought that! I don’t know whether they meant local multiplayer.

      • you know, as in someone being with you, in the room… physically and we are long past those days it sadly seems.

    • Not really they’re removing competive multiplayer and keeping co-op it seems.

  6. ah, the good old nut shot.

    i’m hoping they bring back uncle gary, those videos were funny as hell.

    • I think it’s a proven fact that it you don’t like Gary Busey, you’re as crazy as he is.

  7. I can shoot people in the balls!? Me want game. Me got get money to buy game.:P This sounds good but i hope there will be more places to buy different clothes to custiomize your character.

  8. Cannot wait for this! Enjoyed the first, really liked the 2nd although it was missing something IMO even still great games! Will make a change to FPS,Racers and Sci fi games that are clogging up our shelves these days.

  9. Glad they are stripping multi. Not every game needs this. Saints Row and GTA consume enough of my time just in the single play mode. Looking forward to this. Last GTA was a little too serious for me but SR2 hit that San Andreas sweet spot I’ve been missing.

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