Hoard on PSP Dated, EU PSN Version in April

Big Sandwich Games have announced that village-scorching, draco-sporting Hoard is set for a PSP release in North America on March 22nd for the town-blistering price of $9.99. Already available for the PS3 in North America, the game will get a European release of both versions early next month.


Featuring a medieval village-burning dragon, Hoard lets you kidnap princesses while overseeing a growing golden hoard. You also get to cook pesky pilfering thieves who have an eye on your mountain of metallic wealth. A strategic action title, Hoard picked up IGN’s “Best Quick Fix” award of 2010.

We’ll have a review of the PS3 version in the coming weeks.

Source: Press release



  1. Doesn’t sound too exciting.

  2. I remember and old PC game, very similar to this and also called Hoard….I loved it!

  3. Hmm.. I’ll be looking forward to the review.

  4. I’m not sure on this one, I’d like a demo, so I can check it out. Probably be £6.29, not exactly impulse buy pricing.

    • Yeah I hope a demo or a trial comes.

    • I will ask is they have any plans for a demo.

  5. I enjoyed the demo quite a lot and went back to it a few times for that ‘quick fix’. It was a bit pricey though, if I remember right; about the equivalent of £12.

    • It’s $14.99 on the US store. €10.80 or £9.28.

  6. Loved the demo of this but getting bored of waiting for it to come to Europe – at least there’s a date now though

  7. It is a fun, fast paced, additive game! It is a strong single player, local Co-OP, Co-OP with AI, and supposedly online but I have not found any other players online.

    You get to be a dragon and do what what dragons do best, burn crops and villages, steal princesses, and battle knights. Hopefully the NA and EU can play online together. If so, I will look forward to a TSA Meet.

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