Mass Effect 2 PSN Sales “Meaningful”

I was pleasantly surprised when it was announced that Mass Effect 2 PS3 would be launching simultaneously on the PSN and at retail.

A surprise of a different nature followed shortly after when the near £50 price tag was revealed. It seems that despite this, and the initial 24GB download (reduced to 12GB post-install) the PSN version did well. EA CEO, John Riccitiello, had the following to say:


“Sony had never done a day and day release. They were very cautious about their infrastructure so it was mostly a technology test. This was really more about proving it can be done than it was proving what the opportunity would be, so an unmarketed game one year after the original was done on the Xbox and the PC, we released the PS3 and managed to do very, very well with it.”

He then added that even though EA did “absolutely nothing” to market the PS3 version, the total sales on the PSN reached a double-digit percentage of the overall sales. Did any of you take the plunge?

Source: IGN



  1. What?

  2. Did people leave the brains behind when they perchased it? It was a lot cheaper (and easier on your HDD) getting the retail version

    • If you Game share it between 5 people it only costs £10 each.

      • I thought that didn’t work anymore, and piracy is piracy.

  3. Even had it been cheaper to download, I still would have purchased the disc with HDD space becoming a serious issue these days.

  4. Quite surprised to be honest. The £50, 20GB combo instantly put me off as I was able to get it a couple of weeks later for £17 in GAME. Hopefully, this will encourage EA to try and cater more for their digital audience, preferably by making their big releases more affordable.

    • £17!!?? That was a very nice price. did you use a voucher? I’ve been keeping my eye out for the magic £17.99. Funds are tight…especially with a new baby in the house.

    • The PSN version did not use over 20GB. For every game on PSN, you need twice as much hard disk space as the final installed size because it’s temporarily on your hard disk in two places while it’s installing. Why does TSA keep spreading the fear about this? Bad TSA.

      • It says it only uses 12GB on the article.

  5. I call bullshit. Double figures? Well I guess 10 is a double figure :)

    Seriously why do we get fleeced for digital content when the point of it is to make it cheaper for EVERYONE involved.

    • haha i thought 10%!

    • Nah, they’re probably not very good at counting. What’s the betting it was only 4% and they just counted it as 2% plus another 2% –
      “Hey that’s double figures Bob”
      “I believe your right, Sam. Knock up a press release”

    • ME2 on PS3 sold around 260k since release, so 50k on PSN is doable I think. Probably many people gameshared it.

  6. ‘double-digit percentage ‘ 1.1% ?

  7. How about Gamesharing. I thought about buying it and then sharing it with two friends. Would only be €20 then.

  8. Ugh, and so the way has been paved for ridiculously overpriced digital releases.

    • Hopefully not. The pricing is utterly ludicrous and sales reflected that. Didn’t they? Tell me they did! Who’s mental enough to fork out £50 for that when the shop price is half or less.

  9. Why does everyone say it’s expensive? Here in Holland the 60 euro price was cheaper than most online shops. It was a great price…

    • From a British perspective, £40 is the normal price for a brand new game. This is about £50 and with prices of games always dropping it is now about £25. But on the store still at that very high price.

    • Here too it’s around 70€ in a store and 60 in PSN but i did order it from a web store so i payed around 60€ for it

  10. …because in the UK it was £47.99 to buy it from PSN and only £39.99 to go to the shops and buy it on release date. If you then waited a week or so you would have easily picked it up new in store for less then £25.

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