New Shift 2 Screens Out

EA have released a batch of screens from Shift 2 and they are looking pretty damn good (albeit more than likely taken from the replay mode).

If you’d prefer some video of the game in action, why not check out the piece we posted a couple of days ago.

Source: Press Release



  1. I’m impressed by the videos and I’m looking forward to this game, but these screens are full of meh

    • I know what you mean, but screenshots rarely do a racing game justice, other than GT5 and look how that turned out…..

      • yes.. GT5s photo mode is insane!

      • I took another look at GT5 the other day and the problem with some of the graphics is they’re just too clean or smooth making it look more cartoony. Some of the buildings looked awful, to an extent they were so smooth they looked textureless – not sure if thats a word, probably not but the 4 pints stella I just had at lunch make it sound as though it should be. Its surprising how drinking in a lunch break hits ya where in the evening 4 pints is nothing but a sip!

  2. Really looking forward to this. Haven’t really enjoyed a racing game since the first Shift.

    (And yes I have played NFS:HP (too arcadey) and I bought GT5 on release day (massive disappointment….)

    • Massively disappointing for you perhaps, I thought it was (and still is) excellent.

      • Good for you. As far as I am concerned it was nothing more than a technical demo and once you got passed the “look at the shiny, shiny” moment at the start the rest of it was strangely soulless and dull. Its a driving game, not a racer.

  3. Looks great. Love everything I have seen of this so far

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