DICE Reveal BF3 ‘Community Challenge’

Have you ever had a good gaming related idea? Have you ever felt the urge to get this idea off your chest? Do you like winning things? If you answered ‘yes’ to all these things, then the DICE ‘community challenge’ sounds right up your street!

“We want to know what it is you want in Battlefield 3, whether it is game specific features, weapons, vehicles or anything!

We don’t just want you to tell us though. Come up with a creative and funny way to get your point across. The three entries that offer the best feedback will be sent a very special present after the release of Battlefield 3!”

Head here for information on how to enter.

Source: PlanetBattlefield



  1. Ah the things I’d do for Commander to be in BF3……

  2. ‘Have you ever had a good gaming related idea?’
    – Yes, make Mirror’s Edge 2. That’d stun me!

    On another note, nice competition by DICE there.

  3. Yes commander would be fun specially as I know a way of being commander not spawning and killing other team. Sadly it only works on pc and bf2 lol… I miss working at ea.

  4. Nice comp. , But personally i liked bc1 (alot) more than bc2. But this is bf3. I’ll be pre-ordering and hoping for it to be good.

  5. At least 32 players on console please :)

    Also, I’d love them to include more game modes. I do love Rush & Conquest but I’d also love some sort of Search & Destroy modes in Battlefield.

    • This is Battlefield 3, not BF:Bad Company 3. Try BF2, and you’ll probably have a better view of how BF3 is going to play.

  6. Im begging for 32 players on console , that is all .

  7. Copy Crysis 2 in that you need to pick up players tags from their dead bodies if you want to earn killstreaks: stops campers (this is a free radical idea, or Crytek UK as they’re now called)

    • So basically eradicate the sniper class?


  8. Planes!

    • Planes have already been confirmed apparently.

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