Podcast: Episode 9

The winner of the theme tune competition is finally announced this week. We also talk about Fallout New Vegas’ first DLC pack and why E.T. would definitely beat the Predator in a fight.

Lewis issues a challenge to any prospective stalkers and Charlie Sheen’s latest shenanigans are discussed. We got some really good questions this week and towards the end of the podcast I almost burst myself by laughing too hard. Kris tells us about Fables and Lewis talks about a film in which he gleefully states that absolutely nothing happened. Excellent.

I also give a quick audio description of my created boxer in Fight Night Champion and we wonder what happened to our special guest (who isn’t actually there).

So, just another normal week for the Oscar Mike Media podcast then…

Lewis has asked me to remind you all that his email address, for the music competition, is LewisGaston[at]ScreenDemon.com. Apparently he forgot to mention it when we recorded.

Remember that you can also follow all three of us on Twitter using the handy links below and if you want to visit the other sites we’re always talking about, direct your browsers towards ScreenDemon.com or HalftoneHero.com for movie and tv or comics discussion, respectively.

This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. Must download when I get home.

  2. ‘no further’ /what/, Kris?

    • LOL I told him. 2nd Comment in is better than I expected.

  3. Downloading now, guys. Will listen to it tomorrow morning. More Kris-abuse awaits.

  4. “If you’d like to hear anything specifically on the podcasts” – I would like to hear the podcast team do their best impressions of a wounded Elk.

  5. Downloaded in Listen, hopefully get it heard tomorrow!

  6. Subscribed, so it should be dropping onto my iPod overnight.

  7. The last 10 minutes are fantastic!

  8. Finally dragged myself into the 21st Century and got an iPod so I shall be listening to this tomorrow.

  9. Awesome to see that there might be one or two new listeners joining us!
    Spread the word people, last week we broke the top 50 iTunes chart for the Games & Hobbies section (briefly)!

    • You know I’ve downloaded them all but I haven’t listened to a single one all the way through and I know I should. Now I have an iPod it’s perfect for the commute to Uni or work. The only problem now is how to stop myself for smirking like an idiot in from of a bus full of strangers.

    • Can I just point out that due to your dodgy audio quality there’s a part where you sign and say something like “Hopeless”.

      You sound EXACTLY like Marvin The Paranoid Android.

  10. This weeks “Words Kris Can’t Say” is right at the start – he says “without further adue” instead of “further ado”

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