‘Battle: Los Angeles’ Trailer And Screens

Battle: Los Angeles (also known as World Invasion) launched this weekend across most regions and its videogame counterpart is getting ready to do the same. In case you’re thinking about braving another videogame adaptation of a movie, check out the launch trailer and screenshots below. The game actually hit Xbox Live last week but it won’t be available for PC and PlayStation 3 until March 22.

Battle: Los Angeles was developed by Saber Interactive (Timeshift) and will be published by Konami.

Source: CVGYouTube



  1. Film looks good….game looks rubbish

  2. Looks like a bag of knackers!

    • lol couldn’t of said it any better

  3. This game is the same story as 2D Side-Scroller Contra III: Alien Rebels., done by the same company too. Seems like recycling to me…
    Is it Konami’s first FPS?

    • Super Probotector – SNES – What a game!

  4. What I never understand is why films/games are based in LA, the place is a dump, you’ve got one or two nice streets, the rest of the place is on par with downtown baghdad. (ok thats a bit harsh lol)
    Still looking forward to seeing the movie though. Can only assume the game will be pants.

  5. I’m under no illusions that the game will be amazing or anything but at least the video looks fun. A demo would be most welcome.

    • I agree, I actually think it does look like a spot of fun. :)
      Sometimes the more basic types of pick up and play shooters work well for me.

  6. The film is a pile of poo so I can’t imagine the game being any better.

  7. Yeh think I’ll give this one a miss, even when it’s cheap.

  8. Why do all movie games have to suck?
    I mean, I know they’re rushed a bit, but I really wanted this one to at least look good.
    Will always love the movie though.

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