Do We Need To Hear About Homefront 2 Already?

Apparently, with the first game barely out of the door, developers Kaos seem to think we want to hear about a sequel.  Yep, there’s going to be a Homefront 2.

Speaking to CVG, the studio’s David Votypka has said that the single player would be longer, but it wouldn’t be as long as some of the single player-only games out there.  “It’s a balance really,” he said. “So if we we’re doing a single-player only game – and there are some of those out there of course – then you’re talking maybe a 20-hour single-player campaign.”


Votypka talks about extending it “a few hours” but stresses it wouldn’t be possible to head past the 10-hour mark and deliver a “category-leader multiplayer game”, given the resources.

But whilst Homefront’s single player has been the source of a few average reviews, the multiplayer is faring better.  “We also want to focus on a large-scale multiplayer game and that you get a lot of hours play out of that as well – because that’s infinitely more replayable than single-player anyway and you’re going to spend the bulk of your time there. So we really want to make sure that’s robust and deep.”

I’m just looking forward to playing the first one, myself.



  1. Shame that the single player is getting poor reviews, the story concept really appealed to me and personally if I’ve seen one multiplayer FPS, I’ve seen them all.

    Jumping the gun on the sequel seems a bit like an admission of guilt.

    • I completely agree with your post. Guess I’ll just have to wait for the price to drop to enjoy it for a short while. Really liked the concept of the game but maybe they will get it right the next time. Until then it can serve as an appetizer. :)

      • I’m in the same boat, really rtying to resist day one purchases while I’m saving for marital bliss.

  2. Stupid that they are already openly talking about a sequel.

  3. I don’t think it is stupid to be talking about a sequel already, it’s may be nice for fans of the series, when and indeed if it gets them to know for sure there is a definitely a follow up on the way. From my experience FPS games have a very quick turnover rate, so the next game could be out relatively soon. Plus talking about a sequel right at the time of release, in my book is better than leaving your fans hanging for years afterwards; I’m glaring at you EA, DiCE and Mirror’s Edge, Tecmo and DOA and SEGA and Shenmue!

  4. If the low scores being given in some reviews are as a reult of the single player side being weak then it’d be a good idea, in my opinion, to have separate reviews for the single & multiplayer.

  5. I personally believe every game deserves a sequel, so a sequel announcement is no big deal. It’s not like anybody forces people to buy it, they might force you to give it back, but it’s just another game on the shelf otherwise. Giving THQ’s state, this is probably the right choice anyways. They don’t have alot, if any huge AAA titles, supporting a title which has the general review of “short story, but decent multi” is probably their best shot at some multi player market share. So reassuring the new fanbase that it’s not going to be a one and done deal will probably increase sales, which in turn might convince THQ to find a little more cash to help develop the sequel. After all why is it ok to expect a sequel from a series like GTA so early after launch, but it’s inappropriate for a publisher or developer to announce a sequel this early.

  6. Wasnt that interested in it to be honest…..

  7. JUST REMAKE DESERT COMBAT ALREADY, arguably the best BF1942 modification evar, I honestly think had it not been for DC back in the day, battlefield 2 would never exist nor would CoD in its “modern” form

  8. I don’t see how they can claim to be category leading in terms of multiplayer at the moment.

  9. How sad!

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