Beyond Good & Evil HD Heads To US PSN In May

It has been announced over on the US PS Blog that the fantastic Beyond Good & Evil HD will be heading to the PSN in May. Hopefully EU gamers will be getting it at the same time.


In addition, gamers who purchase Beyond Good & Evil HD within two weeks from launch will receive two free avatars. Still undecided? Why not give our review a read.

Source: US PS Blog



  1. So want this. I haven’t even seen someone play it, but it just really appeals to me for some reason.

    • I haven’t either, but it’s just one of those titles that seems to have gathered a bit of a cult following & i missed it back on PS2.
      Kinda excited about this release to be fair!

  2. sweet will get this day of release avatars nice bonus.

    • Wouldn’t hold my breath on that. Source is US Blog so we may not seethose avatars.

  3. Cool! As a side note, the Odd World remakes are all available on Steam for a tenner, any news on the PSN releases yet?

    • Remakes? You kidding? They released minis (meh) of odyssey I think, but an HD remake would be unreal.

      • Sorry I meant Strangers and Munch’s they are both there ready to go all new and shiny.

  4. 2 free avatars,Woo, that must be at least 50p saved.

    • Yep, and surely nobody else will grab the free avatars so at last there’s a chance to have a unique PSN avatar! .. o.O
      Anyway i think it’s about time PSN avatars were renamed as ‘advertars’.

      • Haha I see what you done there, Smart.

  5. Whats wrong with March?…. oh two month exclusive deal eh? feck off…

  6. Wow, two new avatars — that is sure to get in the crowds in droves. Brilliant move, Ubisoft.

  7. Can’t wait for this! Am going to get it, avatars or not!

  8. Never even heard of this game until a few month ago, so obviously never played it on the PS2. I’ve heard ALOT of good things about it so I guess I’m going to have to purchase :D

  9. I loved this when I played it on the Gamecube, might give it another go depending on price etc :)

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