Homefront Getting Multiplayer Patch

News today for anyone that is planning to purchase THQ’s latest FPS, Homefront. Apparently there are a number of multiplayer issues, mainly on the PS3, and as such a patch will go live tonight for those playing the game on Sony’s black box.

There are a couple of issues on the Xbox 360, including a bug which means owners can no longer connect to the game at all with their preferred profile, but on the whole it is being reported things are in much better shape than on the PS3 and as such a patch is coming, but not immediately.


The description on the official forum reads as follows:

“THQ and Kaos are committed to supporting Homefront post-launch, and we are actively investigating all reported bugs and issues. We have already dramatically increased server capacity to meet the unprecedented demand, which is addressing many of the connection issues we saw yesterday.

“Our data shows that that the vast majority of Homefront players are enjoying multiplayer without issue, however we are tracking and addressing a number of known issues on both PS3 and 360.”

The updates are as follows:


Goes live this evening at 17.00 PST  / 20.00 EST / 24.00 GMT.

  • Fixes for intermittent problems accepting friend invites and joining friends’ games
  • Several fixes for reported freezes
  • Fixes related to joining matches, round transitions, and proper behavior on the match recap screen
  • Additional bug fixes, including inaccuracies in ping meter, and player hosted servers not properly pulling score/time limit settings

Xbox 360:

THQ say they have seen far fewer issues reported on 360 to date, but we are currently working on a title update that we trust will address most outstanding issues.

“We have seen reports of an extremely rare issue whereby Xbox 360 owners can no longer connect to the game at all with their preferred profile,” say THQ. “This affects just a handful of the several hundreds of thousands of Xbox 360 players we’re tracking, but if it’s affecting you, please email THQ support directly at [email protected] with a full description of the problem so we can identify you.”


Is looking pretty robust right now, according to the publisher. We released a small hotfix today to address a couple of minor issues, but you can expect a patch with full change-list in the near future as we identify and fix issues on the ever-fluid PC platform!”

Source: Homefront.



  1. Whats going on man?

    Well at least those of you that bought this are getting sorted out!

  2. The patch was up between 6-7 this morning as my plus downloaded it. I had a few disconnecting errors last night but when in game i’ve seen nothing run so smooth, no lag, deaths happened when then should. It reminds me of smaller scale mag, much more ‘fun’ than most fps online games at the moment

    • cool, I will be picking this up. Nice to hear some good feedback on a MP game for a change

  3. yeah but look at the timestamp when it’ll be fixed, will not be able to play tonight either

  4. Picking this up in a few hours so cant wait to get home and join in!

  5. Yeah, the patch has been out for a while, my Plus downloaded it already (I think I have it running between 4/6).

  6. Great to see the quick support.

  7. Wish they’ll patch the graphics =)

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