Red Faction: Battlegrounds Free for NA PS+ Subscribers

According to Joystiq, Sony have sent out an email to North American PlayStation Plus subscribers informing them that THQ’s “arena based vehicular combat affair” – Red Faction: Battlegrounds – will launch on April 5th for 10 bucks. Unless you wield a mighty Yellow Cross of Frugality, of course, in that case, it’s yours for free. Chalk this one up for as win in the PlayStation Plus subscription column.


We’ve heard that not everyone has received this aforementioned elusive email so we’re still looking into just how widespread it is. Apparently you have to check your messages on your PS3? That’s a thing it seems.

No news if the offer will be extended to us over here in the Old World. We (don’t ask who, no one knows) did first discover the Red Planet the game is set upon. It would be nice if THQ throws us a Martian bone, too.

Source: Joystiq



  1. I haven’t received an email or PSN mail. Maybe they only send it to people who aren’t already on PS+ to try and entice them to sign up?

  2. I got the email, however its not clear if I have to buy another 12 months of plus or not.

  3. i read an article somewhere that said it was for people who buy a 12 month sub.
    american people that is.

  4. Fingers crossed that this comes to the UK & Europe.

    • Agreed. I wasn’t a huge fan of Red Faction: Guerilla, and I don’t think I will get around to playing Armageddon either, but it would be nice to try this out.

      • I am waiting for Armageddon, to be fair it looks pretty good but not as good as Guerilla. April 5th? Yes! That covers my 3 months if its available for the UK ^^

      • RF:Guerilla multiplayer was/still is utterly excellent. It worked great from day 1, no need for patches and all that rubbish.

  5. “Don’t touch that dial”

  6. Quaaaaiiid!

  7. Is this a spin off game of some sort?

  8. Ah cool thanks :)

  9. Vigilante 8 was a top game on the ol’PS1, if it is anything like that I’m interested.

    Looking forward to a review.

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