Swarm Priced and Dated

Hothead Games’ sadistic blue blob murder machine, Swarm, has been priced and dated. Costing 1200 Microsoft Points, the digital only title will first grace XBL on March 23rd. The following week – March 30th – sees the PSN get some quirky blue-man love. Expect to part with £9.99 or €12.99 for the privilege of squishing, roasting and generally obliterating the little mites.

Check out a new ‘Sensitivity Training’ trailer for the title below. Warning: you won’t be able to un-watch it.


We’re quite looking forward to Swarm. You can check out our hands-on here, while the full review will be live shortly.

Source: Press release



  1. First earthquake in japan, then war in Libya and now the Swarmites are coming. The apocalypse is coming! And I’m not speaking of the storm of motors.

  2. Looks a more useful workmate than my current one.

  3. “Laying of eggs in the human spinal cord”

    Ha! :-) Blue pee, too.

  4. Brilliant video, looking forward to the game!

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