Dead Island Logo Censored in NA

Darling of the censors, Dead Island, is back in hot zombie-shark infested waters. Not content with showing brain-munching schoolgirls getting thrown through a window backwards, it looks like Techland’s logo for their upcoming title has been deemed too gruesome for general public consumption in North America.

Depicting what we assume is someone not only dead but quite undead (we hope), the logo’s “I” is (well, was) a corpse hanging from a palm tree. The ESRB, protectors of moral decency and authors of some of the funniest content I’ve ever had the privilege of reading, has decided no; that’s a bit too much. Now we have the much scarier concept of an active zombie coming for us. Thanks ESRB!


It appears Europeans, with their crazy drug laws, open attitude to prostitution, and Jedward, are wholly morally corrupt as it is, so we’re still getting the original, sick, twisted graphic.

Check out the differences between the two below. Don’t blame us if you run out and set fire to a shopping cart or anything.

Source: Rely On Horror via Destructoid



  1. Mmm, Jedward really has screwed up the moral compass in Europe.

    All the other stuff is fine… If it weren’t for Jedward we, as a continent, would be shining examples to the rest of the world. But alas, we must hang our heads in shame…

  2. I think I prefer the second logo. What has a body hanging from a tree got to do with zombies anyway?

    • well im guessing he killed himself because his loved ones have become grotesque shadows of there former humanity and therefore denied such a fate for himself

      which brings me to a question what is everyone’s infatuation with the zombies themselves because for me personally the intrigue stems from the environment created by the zombies and how ordinary people fight to survive and ultimately live in that environment

      • I like them because I’m a necrophiliac.

      • That explains why you insist I lie really still.

      • @bunimomike i dont suppose you watched the being human episode with the slutty welsh zombie

      • I like them because their not robots.God i hate robot games.

      • I like them because they make funny noises. uughhh… But yeah, it’s all about the environment. Like in The Walking Dead.

  3. It doesn’t look like an “I” in the second logo…
    At least, not as much as the first…

    • I agree, “Dead Sland” doesn’t have the same ring to it.

    • Maybe the Zombie should be pulling some “Shapes”

      • Ah fond memories of my old man encountering a Wii moshi ty:).

      • I can just picture it, grunts I’m guessing too just out of pure confusion .

    • Just about to say this, looks more like an I in the first one to me

  4. Eh?

  5. Agree with jcor and MadBoJangles. I can’t see the connection betweekn a hanging corpse and zombies, but the second does not look like an I.

    • I agree with you about the second not looking like an I. The 1st one does look more like an I obviously, but when I think of zombies, I don’t think of a corpse hanging from a tree!

      Maybe they should have asked whoever designed THQ’s new logo to do it for them ;)

  6. Might not be down to censorship,possible it’s just to stop confusion with N.R.A weekend breaks.

  7. Anyone would think nothing bad ever happens in NA

  8. I honestly didn’t notice that the ‘I’ was a body hanging from the tree until I read this article. That’s the god’s honest truth, sometimes people make a bigger deal out of things than there was originally!

    • Thank god it isn’t just me who didn’t notice.

      • Nope, I didn’t either. Sticks out like a, well, like a hanging dead body now though lol

  9. oh god, that almost made me throw up, never do that again, i’d just eaten as well, you know how hard it is to get vomit out of a keyboard?

    well, neither do i, and i don’t want to find out.

    so please, never,EVER, mention the J word again.
    don’t make me type it. >:(

    • Whats the J word? sorry I don’t watch tv or follow news

      • Did you read the article?
        There is a ‘J’ word that refers to a couple of cheeky irish chappies that everyone loves to hate.
        See – I didn’t write it!! :)

  10. First one looks a lot better, the zombie in the second one doesn’t really look like an ‘i’.

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