2PM Is The New Half Eleven. Drink It Up

That guy up there?  He’s happy. He’s glowing like an over sugared breakfast cereal and covered in a red and orange aura.  Who wouldn’t be happy in those circumstances?


Us?  Not so much.  You see, this news was meant to go live at 2PM today.  14:00.  But it didn’t: it appeared a few hours earlier on a couple of websites and spread like wildfire, despite the embargo at the top of the emailed press release.  It happens, but there’s no prize for sticking to such industry-wide deadlines nowadays other than the promise of the appearance of Embargo Fish.

Yes.  He’s there, just below, and he’s not happy.

The story?  Oh, something about the next Formula 1 game. I mean, we love Formula 1 here at TheSixthAxis – not just the videogame, but the sport, the culture. And we’ve supported the last game considerably through dedicated tournaments at considerable personal and financial expense. But that’s fine.  Bitterness, like respect and a little ‘awww’, is saved for Embargo Fish.

So, it gives us great pleasure to reveal, considerably later than everyone else like some tardy blog from the 90’s, that the next Codemasters produced title will hit shelves on September 23rd.  There.  We said it.  Excited?  No, you’ve probably already got your pre-order in.

The game is in development at Codemasters Birmingham for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, with special handheld versions for the 3DS and Sony’s NGP due out later, but apparently designed to “take advantage of the new platforms’ unique capabilities.”

im in ur embargo, busting your clockzIn the new edition, the press release tells us that “players will be challenged to ‘Be the driver, live the life, go compete’, with wide-ranging technical and gameplay advancements on and off track and vastly extended competitive and co-operative multiplayer components.”

F1 2011 will feature all of the official teams, drivers and circuits including current champion Sebastian Vettel, the Indian Grand Prix at Delhi’s Jaypee International Race Circuit and the return of the iconic Nürburgring to the calendar.

In addition, Codemasters will be running a special promo which will give gamers the chance to play the game ahead of its release, and star in development diary videos.  All you have to do is ask a question about the game on a video that will be uploaded to YouTube.  Details here.

What’s next for Embargo Fish?  Where will he appear?  Only time will tell.



  1. There may be no prize for sticking to the 2pm embargo, but is there a punishment for those that don’t? If not, what is the incentive for anyone to do so? Fear not, TSA – despite hearing this news had appeared elsewhere, I waited with you to hear it here first.

    • PR relations suffer I guess

      • Wow.. that’s stupid. What I mean is that the companies will probably be less likely to give hands-on time and stuff like that.

  2. YAY!!! love F1 and F1 2010 game….cant wait for this!

  3. Yay! Great timing for an announcement too, just before the new season starts making people plenty excited for the game.

    Dont worry about the embargo thing, they may get some extra hits, but they dont get a great community and great comments like you do here!

  4. lets hope the racing part of f1 2011 is better than 10, i did enjoy the game in gernal sold my copy early on so i can afford to get this one.

  5. This is new news to me , the reason why ? I rarely look at any other gaming sites these days .

    • i’m with you on this one. could something like a TSA fanboy exist?

      • Have you met Steven?

      • Haha, perhaps so… although I do go to Eurogamer sometimes….

      • Hello, I’m the TSA resident fanboy and damm proud of it.:D How can i be of serivce to you?

    • Me too, and I’m reading it a day late!

  6. Wish it could be released a little earlier in the season, in time for the first few EU races would be delightful, but y’know…

    • Yeah, having to push one out each year (+ any patches) dosnt give them much time. I wouldn’t be surprised if later down the line we see a few weeks delay too. I wouldn’t mind personally, it is ready when it is ready.

      Cant wait to see how Kers will affect multiplayer antics too!

      • Kers implementation in the 09 game was absolutely terrible, I assume it will be better here.

  7. im very excited to see what they have done to improve the game… last years gane was pretty good, but in the long haul it had some very annoying bugs/bad design choices, so i hope they really improve this one. and i will probably wait some time before buying, until there are enough opinions about it in the forums…

  8. we should make this a thing, any time there is an embargo broken, everyone should comment, linking to that picture!

  9. Awesome news. Cooperative modes would be great. Wonder if they will up the amount of players from 12 to 24 online to perhaps support a team mode. Can’t wait for this now.

  10. I heard it here first.
    did the other sites give their readers a picture of Embargo Fish?
    if thy didnt, then i think their readers have lost out anyway. after an awful day at work, this article made me feel all warm. or maybe thats the incontinence again.

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