Duke Nukem Forever Delayed

Yet another chapter has opened in the book of Duke Nukem Forever, as it has been revealed that the game will miss its May launch date. Speaking via a tongue in cheek YouTube video, Gearbox head Randy Pitchford confirms that a new date of June 10 (international) and June 14 (North America) has been set.

Source: 2K



  1. noooooooooooo

  2. Pahahahahahahahaha!!!! Yup, it was too good to be true.

  3. Tongue in cheek really is the only possible way to deliver news of a delay to the most delayed game of all time

    • more delayed than the long awaited pong 2? ^_^

    • yea that was pretty hilarious

  4. awesome vid though XD

  5. Duke never comes early… Made me chuckle… I know, shame on me! ;)
    I totally forgot that it was coming in May anyways so the day before my birthday is also fine.

    • That was my favourite bit too. If you are going to be late, be late with style ;-)

      • exactly :)

      • Sure, but late for your own party?

      • made me laugh and being late for your own party just adds even more style

  6. What a complete surprise…

  7. i new it!

  8. We all knew this was inevitable.

  9. *sigh* nothing shocking here.
    Meh, I was only going to rent it from LoveFilm anyway and with the rate they send out new games I would probably be waiting until Christmas time anyway lol.

  10. ha ha, cool vid. Shame its gone back though

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