First Resident Evil: Revival Selection Screens

We reported yesterday that a HD re-release of Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica seemed to be on the cards under the title ‘Resident Evil: Revival Selection’. Well now the first batch of screens have been released via Famitsu and the game’s official website.

They were already very tidy looking games anyway, so it will be interesting to see them with an additional layer of spit and polish.


UPDATE: It has been announced the games will be heading our way “this fall” as downloadable titles.

Source: Capcom, Famitsu



  1. Can’t believe RE2 hasn’t been getting the HD treatment! Sad panda!

    • I had heard a RE 1-3 HD was in the works as a seperate project… :)

      • Well thoretically it could be, virtually all the loacations for Resi 2 and 3 exist is some form or other after being replicated in other games like Zero and the Outbreak series so many times.

    • Yeah! They should invite the “Don’t forget your great games Panda” to educate ppl at capcom…

  2. Crispness.

  3. I’m always curious as to what process they go through for a HD make-over. I guess they start with the mesh files in the original build to see what source files they have. Fingers crossed they have the lovely “that’d never run on a PS2” geometry at hand and go with that. If not, it’s going to look weird when they add layer after layer of this-gen textures to last-gen polygons.

    Then onto the lighting, etc. Ooo… and the sound quality. Christ, quite the undertaking.

  4. I have great memories of playing RE4. One of my all time top 10. The length of campaign, variety of locations, ridiculous story with equally ridiculous villains, set pieces… all great! Deffinatly going to get this!

  5. i want this!!!!

  6. I’ll buy it at a high price!

    • Don’t say that out loud on the internet. Activision are everywhere!

      • I can’t help it, whenever I hear the words Resi 4 I have an overwhelming compulsion to say it.

    • haha i love that guy who says it!!! =)
      “what are u buying?” haha love it

  7. I have played through RE4 numerous times on Gamecube, PS2 and Wii. It looks like I may be playing through it again in HD. Awesome game

    • Good thing that you can never have too much Resi 4 :)
      Definite buy for me.

  8. It’ll probably end up looking better than quite a few PS3 games.

  9. I want … though I want resi 1 and 2 more :(

  10. ;( I want Resident Evil Outbreak.

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