Forza 4 Starts To Gear Up

According to a survey picked up by the evergreen Kotaku, Microsoft won’t be pulling any punches with the follow up to Forza 3.

Of course, we’re big fans of the game here at TSA (well, some of us at least) and while bullish claims aren’t new from any major publisher, the currently circulating survey (which we haven’t seen first hand) at least lists a few key features.


Those bullet points?  Well, bear in mind this is only taken from a speculative survey to gauge interest, but we can assume some of them are at least in planning:

  • Head tracking – “By using Kinect for Xbox 360, racing fans can now use head tracking to peer into a corner or their voice to control the game menus and interface.”
  • Kinect control – “You can enjoy sitting or standing controller free and racing alongside your friends, simply by holding your hands at 10 and 2.”
  • Better visuals – “The best looking game of the year with graphic fidelity 10 times better than the previous version, including new lighting and shading models.”
  • New career mode – including “an automotive world tour.”
  • More cars – “500 cars from 80 different manufacturers.”

The survey also touts voice over from Jeremy Clarkson, a virtual showroom navigated by Kinect.

Again, remember this is all from a marketing survey, so hardly fact (or indeed, fiction) – keep an open mind as we always do and let us know which, if any, of these features appeal to you.



  1. The Kinect features actually put me off. There is no way controlling it with Kinect is going to be as accurate as a wheel or even controller so that is going to end up pretty gimmicky and the virtual showroom just sounds lame.
    Just make an epic driving simulator that fanboys can argue about all day long and everyone’s happy.

    • I can’t see Kinect being accurate enough for a hardcore driving game.

    • I agree. Why force Kinect on every game? It will make Forza look even more arcadey (I just invented that word, deal with it!).

      • Really, every game? The rest of the world is complaining that there are little to no kinect games and you think they’re forcing it into every game?

    • Completely agree! Where’s the feel and input going to come from, and what’s going to do auto accelerate and brake for you or do you have to do the silly lean forward and back moves?

      • I think’ll it be just stuff like headtracking and menu control with the Kinect as it says.

    • Guys, Kinect won’t be the sole input device, you do realise.

      It’s just an option, as using Move in Killzone 3 is just an option. Didn’t everyone say that this was a great idea, and would help Move show it’s hardcore credentials? MS are simply doing the same thing for Kinect.

      Anyway, Kinect /will/ one up Move in this game, since they’ll have proper head tracking, unlike the useless drivel that is in GT5.

    • I think we are all aware it won’t be the only control method (that truly WOULD be insanity). My point is that sticking Kinect features in every game devalues the tech and the games. For head tracking it’s probably great (certainly can’t be any worse than GT5’s woeful attempt) but you need such fine control for a simulation driving game that this just won’t cut it. Even if the steering is perfectly accurate and you can hold your arms out for 30 laps without them wobbling or aching like mad, the acceleration/braking would still be a problem.
      Like you say though, it’s only an option, and maybe for the odd arcade race it would be a bit of fun.

  2. But what if I want to hold my hands at 3 and 9?

    • or just one hand on 12 like a kewl kid?

      • Exactly, how else am I supposed to text my mates at the same time as driving on the wrong side of the road? Duh!

  3. Couldn’t imagine holding my hands up for any length of time, especially on any type of endurance race. Can’t really seeing it be that precise either. Hmm.

    Great choice with Clarkson though.

  4. 10 times better visuals? So 10 times the FPS, resolution, AA and so on? What a bunch of PR crap. :P

  5. 500 cars, 10 times better visuals and a fraction of the time it took Polyphony to put together GT5 (sorry, I mean GT3.5) ;)

    • I have this great snake oil cure you might be interested in. Cures whatever ails you!!

    • Graphics heh….

    • Please don’t feed the troll

      • Lol, sorry, I’m not a troll and am a regular poster on TSA :) I was just a little disappointed with GT5 if you can’t already tell. Seems strange that the Forza team can put together a cracking game in a couple of years, yet Polyphony took forever to bring out a racer that didn’t really bring anything new to the table.

      • Careful R4U,

        The TSA Comment section doesn;t take kindly to pro-MS/360 comments. Especially at the expense of a PS3 game. (and the Gears COG probably doesn’t get you any friends either, lol)

        But on that note, I completeley agree with you. GT5 was an absolute disspaointment at launch and has gotten a little better with the updates, but still feels half baked.

      • Agreed. Massive dissapointment.

      • Lol I hadn’t thought about that. Sorry, I’m actually a huge ps3 fan and only use my 360 for the gears of war series and left 4 dead.
        Back on topic, I just couldn’t believe a game that took so long to come out could feel so unfinished (in terms of menu screens, online support, multiple installs, etc)

  6. 10 times better visuals? Must be next-gen then. *rolls eyes*

  7. Only 10 times better, meh, come back to me when it’s 11x better and we’ll talk.

  8. By what definition is something X times better looking in terms of visuals? :/

    Hyping up a game is one thing but ridiculous hyperbole wrapped up as fact just winds me up.

  9. “graphic fidelity 10 times better than the previous version”

    what a bunch of BS

  10. Translation:

    * We need to lever Kinect in here somewhere, and GT5 had head tracking so…
    * We’re completely undecided on what audience this game is aimed at, so we’re going with some kind of Wii driving mechanic to not alienate out 8 million super soft core Kinect purchasers.
    * GT5 visuals smashed us, we feel bad, so now we’ve caught up but we’re going to call it TEN TIMES BETTER to make it sound awesome ++
    * Some fluff to pad out the feature list than no racer actually cars about nor will spend any time with
    * We’re using all the same cars from Forza 3 (400) plus the DLC we charged y’all for last time. Then we’ll make some more DLC later and charge you for what essentially amounts to the first bit of new content you’re getting since Forza 3.

    Oh, and we still don’t support Logitech wheels. Never mind, holding your arms at 10 and 2 is totally better than a G27.

    • It’s not like GT5 supports the G25 and G27 either… Sure they might work a little, but it’s nothing official.

      • The G25 works perfectly with GT5.

      • Work a little? They work 100%, the only thing you can’t do it reassign buttons.

    • Wow, what a misguided and uninformed comment.

      It’s amazing the ammount of effort that people will put into bashing something they know nothing about.

      Forza 3 was an excellent game, and Forza 4 will hopefully be better.

      • There is nothing ‘misguided’ about my opinion, in fact as someone who has put countless hours into BOTH games (one with a G27, one with a MS wheel) I think I’m entitled to comment on what this survey is hinting at for Forza 4.

        I’ll admit my fourth point was a bit unfair, but everything is justified based on my experience with MS, Turn 10, Forza 3 and Kinect.

        I’ll look forward to F4 when there’s some actual news and not just the standard PR posturing occurring here.

      • If anything is misguiding and uninforming than it’s this PR bullshit from MS.

        I’m not saying that Forza 3 isn’t an excellent game or that 4 won’t be, but saying things like “the visuals will be 10 times better” is just mocking the whole game scene.

    • Agreed JesseDeya/13.10 – you are Bang on my friend. BANG.ON.

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