Super Street Fighter IV AE Gets Evil Ryu

Here’s a bit of déjà vu. Capcom has officially released Evil Ryu as a playable character in Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition. As you may remember, Evil Ryu and Oni were leaked a few months back. Since then, Capcom went on a rampage and had tons of gameplay footage featuring the two characters removed from YouTube. Problem is, the internet never forgets.

Evil Ryu is described by the community as beastly character with low health. As you’d expect, his play style is basically a combination of Ryu and Akuma. In addition to having different moves with unique properties, he also has new Ultra combos. They both look pretty awesome.


Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition features four new playable characters (Evil Ryu, Oni, Yun, and Yang) and tweaks the balance of the game. There is still no word on Capcom releasing AE as DLC for the console versions of SSFIV. Yoshinori Ono, the producer of the Street Fighter IV series, is constantly telling fans on twitter to wait just a bit longer for some sort of announcement. It seems likely that we’ll learn more during Capcom’s Captivate event in April.

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    Evil Ryu and Karai as some of my fave characters!


    • Wonder if they will ever through and EX Plus Alpha HD Remix out there?

      • Seems doubtful that Capcom would release the Street Fighter EX series in any form. I don’t even know if Capcom fully owns the rights since it was developed by Akira. There could be some licensing issues for the original characters created solely for that game.

      • That would be awesome!! Funnily enough I was only thinking about EX plus alpha earlier this morning as I was thinking back to some of the games I used to play on my PSone!
        The things I most miss about that game are the stackable super combos (if I recall correctly, if you did it properly the background went from blue to yellow to red) & skullomania! That guy was awesome.

      • I own EX+ Alpha and game play wise it flows so well, even today, it flows beautifully. If you can look past the bulky graphics its a cracking game.

        We can hope cant we?

  2. Pacifist Ryu would be terrible.

    • His Hadoukens would be blue water balloons… and er.. his attacks I don’t know

  3. I want Street Alpha 3 HD for the PS3. That was the most amount of hours I ever played on a game.

  4. Such a shame it’s another shoto character, was hoping for some more interesting styled characters.

    Also, I heard Yoshinori Ono had said Super SFIV AE was deliberately unbalanced and that it would never see a console release. I’m sure he was just adding to the hype / controversy machine though.

    Bring on Third Strike!

  5. Let me get this right? this will be another retail release?

    • likely.

    • No details on that yet. If it does get another retail release, you can count on there being even more content added to the game than just what’s included in AE. At least, I would assume so.

      People noticed on the JPN website that there is room on the character select screen for at least 8 more characters. Would be interesting if that was a deliberate move on Capcom’s end or if the screen just has a large empty space for no reason.

      A disc based release would probably be better for AE anyway. At least from a competitive tournament perspective. It’s easier to have a disc with all the content than updating a game and purchasing individual DLC. Imagine going to a friend’s house that doesn’t have AE. You wouldn’t be able to play.

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