CCP Video Shows Future Vision of DUST 514

Footage hinting at how EVE Online and DUST 514 might work together has been shown off at the Icelandic company’s annual fanfest. A merger of PC strategy and console action in one giant hodge-podge universe, if you want more information about how DUST 514 looks to revolutionise cross-platform gaming, look no further than here.

In the mean time, bask in the glory of some leather ass.

Source: YouTube



  1. Fir…

    looks good but Im sooooooooooooo glad I gave up Eve. Its was like a second job and I hate working. Tho, no idea how this will be.

    • I lasted about an hour on it and got hardly anything done, the game was literally too big and overwhelming for me!

      • My god you mean alot of mass exploration?… I’ve always wanted that kind of game

      • Thanks you have just sold it for me Beeje.

    • I also found playing Eve Online was like a second job – and that was just the tutorial!

  2. Just downloading the Eve Online demo now, will give it a whirl.

    • i would recommend evemon to you then as that will allow you to plan what skills to train for the ships/guns and other things you may wish to use. i happen to play it so if you need a fleet i can help provided you not too many jumps away from me

  3. It’s going to be interesting to see how this all works out, hopefully console players actions will carry some weight in the Eve universe and we won’t just be their bitches! :)

    • they will do but ccp said that for the first few months of the game dust wont actually be combined with eve in order to ensure it doesnt destroy the economy, which is very possible as the whole economy is player driven

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