Deus Ex ‘Freedom Of Choice’ Trailer

A new Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer has landed and it’s called, ‘Freedom of Choice’. One of the things that can make a game infinitely better is the ability to play it multiple ways and to be able to make your own choices about how you want to approach each situation. Eidos is making it clear that Deus Ex is packed with exactly what this trailer advertises; freedom. Although it’s fairly brief, it does give you a small glimpse of the different play styles you can choose from and how the same scenario plays out when using each of them. Have a look.

Source: YouTube



  1. It’s “De-us”, Mike. Not “Doos”.
    Game looks briliant!

  2. Looks brilliant!

  3. This game does look good i hope it’s like the first one cause i really liked that one it’s on my best games ever played list

  4. Looks like Metal Gear Solid has good competition, but Deus Ex is looking and sound great. I hope the choice of trophes will warrant replayability.

  5. Really looking forward to this, loved the first one.

  6. I’m looking forward to this, picked up the first game for ps2 (again) t’other day so i’ll play a bit of that in the meantime.

  7. So many games, not enough money for them all.

    • So many games, not enough time for them all.

    • Indeed mate :(
      I had to trade in a few just to get Crysis!
      Could be worse I guess, like with no decent games at all. At least this way the ones we miss out on we can pick up for cheap later on? :)

  8. looks great but a bit complex at the same time

  9. Cant wait for this, looks like a game i’ll never trade in.

  10. Underwhelmed by this, looks generic and sub-par to me…
    Oh well, guessing there’ll be other games out this fall too ;)

    • looking forward to this game big time.

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