Homefront Sales Top One Million

Word out of THQ is that Homefront has surpassed the one million units sold mark and they’ve shipped over 2.4 million units to retail. Although it has received mixed reviews from critics and gamers alike, these kinds of numbers are nothing to scoff at. Granted, what’s popular is not always good and what’s good is not always popular but if you’re a fan of Homefront, you should probably take this as positive news because it likely means we’ll be seeing a sequel. THQ made the comment before launch that they needed to sell two million units to break even and it looks as though hitting that mark should be no sweat, considering they already topped a million in just over a week.

Although it’s far from perfect and its initial lift-off has been marred with server issues, we here at TSA are quite pleased with Homefront. In case you missed it, you can check out our review, here.

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  1. I don’t care about online, Is this worth getting for the campaign alone? I was thinking of getting it when it’s around the £25 mark.

    • I enjoyed the campaign but it is very short. Took me 4.5 hours on my first run. If you’re the type that likes to finish everything, there are plenty of hidden intel pieces, trophies/achievements that warrant 2-3 plays.

    • I didn’t really enjoy it and it is very short. I felt it was quite dull, didn’t present me with anything new or exciting and I had to force myself to play through it, not that I had much to push through.

      Decent rental or a buying at a low price, I traded in and paid £15 and feel it was too much for the enjoyment I got in return.

    • You should really rent it first. You might like it, but the game isn’t worth buying if you’re not going to play it online. The story is 4-6 hours long depending on your skill, and that includes cut scenes and looking for papers. Theres not alot of replay value as the enemy spawn points never change. There are parts where it feels like Kaos knew it was too short and did things to stretch the story out like looking for 61 newspapers in 7 levels, or making your character walk super slow through a hub. It also has a 15-20 second rail shooting sequence that makes you ask WTF. It looks and plays like its 4 years old. In short it feels like they copied the first CoD. The story also isn’t anywhere near the caliber of Red Dawn or Apocalypse Now, and basically exploits children for the only real shock value. You might like it- you might not, but I think anybody who is thinking about buying this should rent it first. Ask yourself would you rather waste £25 or whatever it cost to rent it.

    • i finished this last night, in my opinion, if this had gone on for about another 5-6 hours it would have been great, but at 3.5hours its very poor and easy, the story could have been so much more, as for online, i tried last night and everytime i loaded a match the game crashed, tried this morning and there was about 4 people in every server i tried out of about 10 times i tried, on the last time the game crashed once more, so not really impressing me at the moment

  2. I am so glad I see more people (like me) who are not into the online MP. 4,5 hours is a bit short; so I also will wait just a tiny bit longer for a price drop.

    • Yeah i know way too many people are in to just the MP portion of the game i was shocked when i heard that many who bought modern warfare 2 never played the single player campaign that was weird. To me MP is just bonus what i might play when i don’t have anything else to do the SP is always the reason i buy games

  3. Not too shabby, i’ll probably go for Crysis2 first though and pick this up for the sp when it’s reduced in price.

    • Crysis 2 first for me too.

    • Crysis 2 for me too it has a longer single player campaign

  4. The online is a very good competitor to CoD, it has no lag whatsoever (ty THQ for dedicated servers, Activision, you charge an extra ten pound for the game but you use annoying P2P!). Although it can be hard to find a lobby with enough players, I only found 2 in about an hours of being in MP, so only 30 mins was I actually in-game. :(

    • I just hop in and out til I get a game. Things are getting better, last night I only had a couple of dead lobbies out of 20-odd games.

      Good news is join session is working so just jump in from your friends list.

      • I bought this last week, well traded BO in at Tesco’s and handed over £4.96 and i thought bargain! That’s untill i got home and spent all day thursday having my PS3 freeze or sitting in half empty lobbies. I took it back the next day haha only for me to buy it again yesterday along with Crysis 2.

        It’s still sealed and i daren’t open it untill i know the servers are going strong. I also have it for the PC and the community on there seems to be healthy.

  5. i thought they announced a sequel before the release?

  6. I haven’t played the single player yet, just online. For me it was £40 well spent.

    Good to see Kaos pull it off, wonder if DICE are missing them now?

    • im also enjoying the mp mode. but woul be nice if they put out some dlc soon… would love to see quad bikes in the vehicle list :)

      • DLC had been hinted at on the Homefront forums. I would love to have another 3-burst weapon. Quad bikes sound good but it’s hard enough driving a Hummer for me, it’s like playing Motorstorm.

  7. Yea i found it hard to get in any multiplayer game as you seem to wait a long time in the lobby waitng for the proper numbers to start a game. I traded it in for crysis 2 because of all the issues it had online.

  8. I’ll probably pick this up at some point when the price drops.

  9. Why are people so keen on shooters? There are other genres of games, you know…

  10. 1,000,000 bought. 900,000 traded in.

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