Podcast: Episode 11

We’ve turned the podcast all the way up to eleven this week. Kris has got his hands on some new pixie dust that makes it sound even better and I wasn’t high as a kite on painkillers so I might make more sense.

This week, we talked about The Town, Shogun 2, Crysis 2 and XForce something or other. Uncanny. Probably. I don’t know, Kris was sick and I got lost when he started talking about a black ops version of X-Men.

As usual, it’s not entirely on topic. In amongst some amazingly high-brow jokes and an array of live-performance jingles there is quite a bit of Lewis talking like a kid’s TV host (there’s a scary thought). This week also saw me take the show’s award for being unable to speak in proper words and phrases.


Oh, and the questions caused a bit of a rant and a discussion about WWE. It’s amazing that we’re not invited to broadcast on national radio, really.

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This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. Right, now lets’ see what this “offensive” comment was ;)

    • We’re not a competitor, more of a companion. I even sang a song about Peter in the latest episode :D

      • The moment you sang, we failed to be a competitor. :-P

      • uh oh, I haven’t listened in a while… I’ll have to hunt that one down :D

    • “nobody coughs all over the nuTSAck podcast”
      To be fair, the burping competition was much worse :)

      • That is because the NuTSAck crew would do unspeakable acts to the person who coughed over the podcast. Did you really have to burp on the last podcast. I can still smell it from here.

  2. sweet, these are always fun to listen to.

  3. Muhahhahaa, thanks to Lewis for allowing me to make a surprise appearance!

    • you were much more eloquent on this week’s…

      • Ahahahahaah

  4. Lewis, where shall I send naked pictures?

    • send them on over to me if you like

  5. sounds like a good podcast, will check it out, missed the last few but I will get round to them too.

  6. That WWE section was the best part of any of the shows so far. I really enjoyed it, don’t think many of the other listeners will though…

    • Yes, it was rather specific and way more detailed than intended.

  7. Brilliant! Thanks for Cool Runnings. I love that film.

  8. listened to this at school today, looked weird sitting in class laughing at nothing thanks! :p

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