UK Charts: Week Ending 26th March

This won’t come as a surprise to many, but Crysis 2 has stormed its way to the top of the UK Chart, displacing Homefront. The LEGO franchise still seems to have some life left as it enters in a respectable second place.

Nintendo 3DS games do well, with titles coming in at 4th, 6th, 9th, 14th, 15th, and 20th – a strong showing indeed. Oh and guess what? Just Dance 2 has left the top ten! This is one of the signs of the apocalypse…hold me!


Source: Chart-Track



  1. How is FIFA 11 still there? Thank god there’s no sign of COD!!! Good work from KZ3 holding 16th, not bad for a PS3 exclusive.

    • Agreed, FIFA11 still in the table is just crazy.

      Been playing through the campaign again on KZ3 and must admit that it impresses me more every time I ply it. Fantastic game, a masterpiece.

      • I would have to agree. Staggering game, and surpasses the 2nd outing, I havent played it online yet, will do though!

      • Hmm, I’m the opposite to be honest, the campaign was ok but nothing special, a bit like the first one. Looks nice, but not much really going on. Was good to get a variety on levels though. MP is just a joke. Crysis 2 beats KZ3 in fun/playability IMO. Sorry to say that really, I loved KZ2.

      • Im half way trough the K3 campaign and im not liking it very much, in fact i want to start the second one again (once again!) because i liked it so much more.

        However, ill finish it first and judge it then, still, not liking the CODish feel of it.

      • got killzone 3 coming this week paid £25 (from amazon) looking forward to that. maybe a price cut on CoD BLOPS might boost it’s sales and re-enter the chart it’s £32 new on amazon, if it was £25 or less i might have considered buying it.

    • The UK is mainly inhabited by Football fans right? I don’t think Fifa 11 will bow out that easily compared to CoD.

    • Killzone 3 was fourth on the PS3 list, behind Crysis 2, Homefront and Lego Star Wars III.

  2. Half of those are new this week, sweet, and also refreshing to see that Blops didn’t make the list…

  3. Glad to see Crysis 2 is doing well, from what I’ve seen of it so far its really good! Should be picking Homefront up this week :)

  4. hey dan, you forgot black ops, maybe a typo? :)

  5. Go KZ3. Will get Crysis soon…

    • its definitely worth getting, its a cracker of a game.

  6. No Dissida? tch, everyones missing out haha

  7. Seeing Crysis 2 at No1 has held me really make up my mind, got to make it my next purchase.

  8. Crysis 2 is Brilliant, I’m loving the multiplayer. PLayed 5hrs in multiplayer and 0 in Campaign lol.

    • Agreed, I was expecting it to be rubbish because of the bad press the PS3 version got on the demo, but the MP is really good, played about 10 hrs so far and 0 on campaign too lol

  9. Well done to Crysis 2. Think I’ll end up picking this up. After Motorstorm Apocolypse and Shift 2 arrive. Got these two pre ordered and paid for so it will have to wait for a few weeks.

  10. wow looking and judging by the charts theres sooooo many casual gamers out there.where as the hardcore gamers are now the minority. rayman 3d hhahah come on now.take a look people.these games are childs games.true masterpieces like kz3 at number16?? wtf

    • Since when was non-violent and casual games the same thing dare I ask?

      Here’s a statement: Rayman 3D is more hardcore than Call of Duty: Black ops…!

      • i said casual gamers pall. u know kiddy games toppin the charts instead of worth while games that has had years of dev behind em. as i say casuall gamers like these kinda games.hence theres so many casuall gamers out there.

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