Resistance 3 Gains Move/3D Support

It has been revealed that “due to overwhelming community demand” Resistance 3 will support Stereoscopic 3D, as well as PlayStation Move. This is good news for those who shelled out £40 (ish) for the Sharp Shooter peripheral.


Have any of you played Killzone 3 or the SOCOM 4 beta with Move? If so, does its inclusion in Resistance 3 leave you feeling warm and fuzzy?

Source: US PS Blog




    Playing the SOCOM Beta Tonight and KZ3 is off it with the Sharpshooter!


  2. Good to see continued support keeps coming.

  3. Killzone 3 left me incredibly optimistic about the future of Move in shooters. SOCOM? Not so much; felt far too sporadic and inaccurate.

    Hopefully the sharpshooter will be around £20 by the time Resistance hits in September.

  4. Nice, the move support is very welcome, I will have to invest in the sharpshooter soon. And a 3D TV. *wallet weeps softly in background*

  5. As long as it isn’t just shoehorned in to please community demand!

  6. Sweet bananabiscuits that’s good news. I love my move – really want for it to keep getting support and not just be a gimmick. Maybe it is destined to be that because people simply prefer using a controller.

  7. Enjoyed Move control in KZ3. Some parts where my inability to turn quickly left me flanked though, so some tweeking will be good.

  8. Still feeling bitter and twisted about my poor experience with kz + sharpshooter, So I won’t be going into this one feet first.

  9. Good news, the more games that are compatible the better in my mind. It just might tempt me into getting the sharpshooter (at the right price)

    • there as to be more games compatible with the Move, so far its a huge joke, I know theres Killzone but I’m not interested in that that kind of game .
      LBP 2 would’ve been great with the move, but it seems to be paid dlc now….

  10. I like Resistance, this is good news

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