Kaos And Volition Hit By Job Losses

THQ has issued a statement (to Gamasutra, via VG247) that the publisher has cut over thirty jobs between Kaos (Homefront) and Volition (Red Faction, Saints Row).

“We have had to let go of 16 employees at Volition, our studio in Champaign, Illinois,” said the statement. “We must adjust our workforce to fit the studio’s current needs, which is a relatively common occurrence in the game development industry”


“Steps are being taken to ensure team members affected by the transition are treated with appropriate concern. The changes are not expected to affect any current or future titles in development with Volition.”

Current projects would include Guillermo Del Toro’s Insane project.

As for Kaos, the studio that developed the million-selling Homefront, THQ said there’s a “dedicated team in place” to support Homefront’s DLC, ” as well as working on pre-production for future games.”

“We have made changes to ensure that the team size aligns to the current stages of internal product development,” the statement concluded.



  1. hope everyone lands on there feet with a new job.

  2. The world economy is knackered, I actually hate what the banks have done to us all, they should be lined up (bankers) and shot, every single one of them, cause their greed has caused a rippling effect across the world

    • This has more to do with the fact that two games, Homefront and Red Faction are done and programmers are no longer needed then the economy. It’s standard operating procedure to down-size after launch.

    • You want my dad to be shot?

      • oh dear….
        I don’t think shooting them will help, as banking is one of the U.K.’s biggest industries (I think)
        People can say things like ‘shoot them’ but then when you realise that they are actually real people (thanks vogan for highlighting this) I don’t think they’ll pull the trigger.

        Finally I think that if a system is broken and people take advantage of it (e.g. banking) then its the systems fault – or the governments.

        Another example are the lazy people who get everything they need on benefits, whereas a person who has just lost their job needs to wait weeks and weeks just to get £60 a week to live on.
        The system is unfair and it’s broken. Plus the government aren’t as firm as they should be!

        wow, thats kinda like a rant …:)

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