PS3’s Worldwide Active Install Base Passes 360’s.

Although the Wii’s still way out in front, the battle – such as it is – between the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 continues to fuel playground squabbles and internet bandwidth.

According to a new report from strategic analysts Strategy Analytics (and reported by Gamasutra) the PS3 has, at least in terms of its ‘active install base’, overtaken Microsoft’s year and a bit head start with the 360.


Despite the boost Kinect undoubtably gave the 360 over Christmas, its slow performance outside the US continues to hold it back, with Strategy Analytics calling this “a drag on its global performance.”

“Global demand for Sony’s PS3 has exceeded that of the Xbox 360 in each of the past two years, and we expect that to continue over the coming years,” said the company, suggesting that Microsoft should continue to “innovate” with Kinect, which “will become increasingly relevant in the smart home era.”

You want figures?  How about 75.5 million for the Wii, 43.4 million for the PS3 and 42.9 million for the Xbox 360.  Take those to the yard.



  1. Took a while but it’s been done. What with all the exclusives this year M$ are gonna have a tough time!

    • Quite possibly.

      I very nearly bought a 360 last year to play the handful of exclusives which interested me. Even went as far as registering a Gamertag through the site.

      But I’m so glad I didn’t. I’d have finished those exclusives by now, and there’s nothing I’d be buying this year – it would have been a total waste of money.

      Meanwhile, Sony’s various studios are churning out so many games of interest to me this year that, combined with multi-platform 3rd-party titles and NGP/PSP2 later this year/early next, I’m already having to pick and choose what to buy and what to leave for later when prices are reduced.

      I’m guessing that from a purchasing standpoint, this year’s bumper crop of PS3 games will keep me going through the inevitable barren spells which will occur in 2012 and, possibly, 2013 as well. It’s frustrating, but as an avid gamer, it’s a hell of a nice situation to be in. :-)

  2. The war is over?
    XD – A Fanboy’s comments

  3. well it was going to happen it was inevitable it was just a matter of when

    • Really? This shocked me actually, I thought Kinect would keep it ahead :P

      • playstations been well lets just it hasnt exactly lost popularity in the last 20 years give or take a few besides the 360’s main install base in US Playstation’s biggest install base is EU always has been and theres more ppl in the EU than the US

  4. *Wii-man runs
    *PS3ton Lacy chases.. and shouts GET BACK HERE! GET BACK HERE!
    Xbox… er. erm I don’t know, sits on the toilet


  5. Don’t believe these stats, that’s approximately the total number of PS3s sold

    Are they suggesting 99% of them are active? Rubbish

    • take into account all the inactive 360’s too though! The amount of dead 360’s out there is insane! Either way you look at it, PS3 is streets ahead in Europe and Japan, and more than 50% of PS3s sold is in Europe

      • well I account for 2 inactive 360’s, one died of RROD the other is standing on the floor next to my TV…wires disconnected…well it was fun for a couple of years…

        I’d like to know how many of those Wii’s are actually active, and not just collecting dust, not to say there aren’t PS3’s collecting dust of course.

      • 1 dead 360 from me and 2 active ps3’s (phat and slim with slim reluctantly a present to my family). Am surprised it took this long to catch up and am surprised people are still buying 360’s. With the price of ps3 now under £200 for 160gig thought it would have sold much more.

      • 2nd xbox,still on first ps3(the fat one)and still have a wii but i have not used it in a year,so yes as you said mine is gathering dust.

    • You’re just a bundle of fun, aren’t you. :-)

      • I just always look behind the headline, rarely take things at face value.
        Doing that, the PS3s numbers are obviously wrong (as its very close to the total number of PS3s sold) & given the 360 failure rate I’d say they’re wrong too

        Most people are on their 2nd PS3, with a healthy chunk on their 3rd or more if they’d had problems like I have. This figure is probably multiplied for the 360.

        as Greg says below, at best the numbers are wrong. Still as its something in Sony’s favour it won’t stop people getting the flags out. even if it Wronger than buying lingerie for your Gran

    • Does it even matter?

      Even if its just units sold that’s still money in Sony and MS’ wallets with the potential of them being active. I highly doubt they care.

    • Have to say that I agree with Chris. At best the numbers are wrong. At worst, they’re wrong and the analyst is just headline seeking.

  6. Cracking news for Sony! We knew it would happen :-D

  7. Cue the Fanboy wars.:(

    Well done Sony but for how long? I wonder how many Wiis are being used and not collecting dust. That said My PS3 is a dust magnet and i use it every day. Now can we have the KB adverts over here?*nudges Sony gently*

    • I think the next generation of consoles will be judged not by their power, their exclusive games, or by the extra features they bring, but by their ability to repel dust.

      I’ll leave that thought with you all, I’m off down the bookies.

      • Yeah they should have special dust defences… but how?

      • To place a bet on how much Dust can a ps3 collect in one day?:P

        I have heard that the slim don’t get that much dust but the Phats can look like they have not been used in a year even if it has been used. begone Foul dust before i whip out my duster of vengance.Ohh it gotten dusty.T-T

      • my PS3’s not a dust magnet its nice n shiny :) well all except for the air vents lol

  8. Was always going to happen and the cheaper it gets the more Sony will sell from now on.

    • The PS2 is still going strong so there’s no reason why the PS3 can’t do the same.

  9. Pretty impressive how ever you look at it really, especially given the nightmare start the PS3 had, a lot of hard work has paid off.

  10. Like all these figures, I take them with a pinch of salt, I did read somewhere that 50% of Wii’s rarely get used & if that’s true, that’s not good for the big N, especially when pretty much the only game those have is wii sports!

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