New LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Trailer

Those with a penchant for LEGO based tomfoolery will be pleased to see that LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean seems to be coming on nicely! Due for release in May (coinciding with the new film) the game will feature over 20 levels, 70 playable characters and two player co-op.

The 3DS version will also take advantage of the StreetPass feature, and your 3DS will have ‘Pirate Duels’ with any other 3DS in range. Check out the new trailer below.

Source: Gamespot



  1. I think i could just about watch another ‘Pirates’ movie, not so sure i want to play yet another Lego game though.

  2. Slight over-saturation here on both fronts I feel but it does look fun admittedly.

  3. The last Lego game I played was Lego Island way back in the day so I’m not as tired of the franchise as some others might be. This looks like a lot of fun so I’m pretty sure I’ll pick it up and play it with the missus who loves the PotC franchise.

  4. I think this will be my first lego game. :) , Can’t say no too a pirate game.

  5. Looks fun, can’t wait for the new film, PotC is awesome!

  6. Love the LEGO games, this looks swashbucklingly good

  7. How, that’s the second funniest pirate franchise I’ve ever seen.
    I’m gutted about PotC: AoD cancellation. I guess any game with AoD on it’s name is doomed.
    *starts singing “the pirate I was meant to be”*

    • We’ll surely avoid scurvy if we all eat an orange… :)

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