New Forza 4 Trailer Surfaces

A new trailer for Forza 4 has hit the web and while we would traditionally be jumping up and down for joy due to the awesomeness it entails, the date in which it surfaced has us approaching with caution. To be fair, it looks 100% legitimate and had it revealed itself on any other day outside of April 1, we probably never would’ve thought twice about it. That said, we’re not sure where this video originated from so we’re still flagging it as a rumor for now.

Assuming it is real, Forza 4 is looking like it’ll be the real deal, just as its predecessor was. More cars, more tracks and Kinect support are all boasted and the small amount of actual gameplay they show looks top notch. Have a look for yourself and let us know whether you think it’s real, or perhaps the most detailed and expertly crafted ‘fool’ of this year.

Source: YouTube

Update: It seems that the video has been removed due to a copyright claim by Microsoft. So it is real then?



  1. Holy hell, please let it be true.

  2. I’m going to go with it being real based on forza 4 already being revealed before this video.. That and this trailer looking pretty damn impressive!

    On another note, i still don’t understand the whole “i want to play a racing sim using kenect” deal. It may help shift extra units but im still wondering if anyone out there will really try and use the feature seriously for any more than 5-10 minutes…

    • The head tracking (if it’s implemented properly) would be cool but as far as driving with Kinect, I think they’re simply trying to give kids and non-racing fans an option. I doubt they’re aiming to turn their core Forza crowd away from the controller.

      • I’ve never been a fan of head tracking, I’ve tried it with PC sims (using Track IR which was very accurate) and with GT5. I find it actually makes hitting your lines a lot harder, simply because you don’t have the same peripheral vision as real life, nor do you have the same proprioceptor input (seat of the pants).

      • It took a while to get everything right but I liked the head tracking in GT5, just a pity it’s only available in arcade mode.

  3. looks crap.boggy frame rate,up close graphics jaggy and blurry. nah not for me.surely the 360 hasnt enough memory on disc to deliver all that he has stated.

    • Er, that’s not how things work.

    • Did you lower the video quality to 240p?… I’m all up for a little fanboyism but your taking it to far,

  4. Off topic, but I’m surprised you used ‘rumor’ instead of ‘rumour’.

    • He’s American. Just subtle differences in the way English and Americans type things.

      • AHh, the American on the team, figures :)

  5. Best looking game they say? So it’s looking better than Crysis 2 so why are they not saying the best looking game ever than?

    • It looks and sounds like they basically fixed the lighting engine and brought it up to par with GT5 (although I’m sure the shadows are better!). It certainly looks less cartoony than Forza 3 does.

      16 players, so the same as GT5 then? Top Gear, so the same as GT5 then?

      Where is dynamic time of day, weather, improved physics, improved mechanical damage etc? You know, the stuff that matters to race fans. Support for wheels that you can actually get your hands on? I enjoyed Forza 3 a lot, but this looks like Forza 3.5 to me.

  6. Dont know how Kinect will be able to control a racing sim considering the differences between a duel shock and wheel on that other racing sim. I bet they nail the online portion of this though, and it will be more or less finished on release.

    • I think Kinect is just an add on mode, for those who want a mess about. The core controls will still be there.

      • Yeah I can just imagine it being near pointless for a sim.

        Wish this was multiplat though after the disapointment…

    • i just find it funny that you have to stand up in your car

      • do you not drive standing up? i do.. is that not normal?

  7. im gunna say its fake the language used seems very out of place and unprofessional for a big budget publishing campaign

    • By fake language, do you mean the 73 superfluous adjectives used? That’s just Microsoft – no big deal.

  8. ‘Literally all over the globe’ yeah right, who’s gonna pay for my tickets?

  9. ‘Literally all over the globe’ yeah right, who’s gonna pay for my tickets?

    • aw dang now I did i too!

      More on topic: this looks totally legit to me by the way. Maybe it’s still ‘inhouse’ presentation, but it’ll probably see daylight soon. The kinect controls on the couch seem pretty far fetched though, but hey, gotta use it for something i guess.

  10. that looks epic! Polophony need to pull their finger out.

    Drop GT5 engine to 720p if needs be. Always thought 1080p was stretching it too far. I don’t want to have to buy an xbox!!

    • I play both Forza 3 and GT5, but looking at this video I’m curious as to what exactly PD would be worried about here?

      Graphically there doesn’t seem to be anything to tell between. In terms of feature differences Forza 4 seems to have cockpits (for all cars), Kinect (wedged in), motion blur ripped from NFS:Shift and their notorious MS Paint Forza Edition. GT5 has the things race fans care about ie: everything else – day/night transitions, weather, support for a wide range of wheels, better handling/physics, ‘proper’ endurance events etc.

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