Two Words: Burnout Crash

One of the original series of Burnout’s finest ideas was the Crash mode, a hugely enjoyable section that involved smashing your car headlong into busy junctions to cause as much damage as possible – they were brilliant.


Fans can rejoice, then, because it looks like EA are working on a Crash-specific Burnout called, wait for it, Burnout Crash.  According to this classification, it’s a PG with ‘Mild violence’ so it looks like they’re keeping it dehumanised and blood free.  Good.

GamerBytes reckon it might be a digital download too – suits us fine.  Burnout Crash is locked for PS3 and Xbox 360, we’ll let you know if we get any more details – but this is great news for fans.

Image from earlier game.




    Sorry. I mean; Huzzah.

    :D This is awesome news. Would love a complete old school Burnout, but I’ll take this over Paradise any old day!

  2. I love the crash mode in Burnout so this is a defo for me!

  3. Hehe.

  4. Sold!! *hands over wallet*

    • *takes cash and hands back wallet*

      • *takes credit cards, debit cards and driving licence, then hands back wallet*

  5. As long as it’s still Ctiterion… ;)

    • Oh balls.

    • I completely agree, surely Criterion won’t let their game be moved on to another studio, and EA would be stupid to do it too.

      Either way fantastic news!

  6. hell yeah

    been playin crash mode on psp all week!!!

  7. Awesome! I’m there with bells on.

  8. Coolio. With multipliers in hard to reach places too? Spent hours on this mode.

  9. I’m not getting exciting ifs it just a s**** EA studio, if Criterons doing it then YAY!! CRASH MODE

  10. Sold!
    Sold twice if it’s Criterion behind it.

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