Remedy Gearing Up For Alan Wake 2?

Remedy Entertainment have recently posted a job listing for a senior level designer. The creators of Max Payne are looking for someone capable of delivering “a well-balanced mix of compelling narrative and intense action,” the two focus points of their most recent console title, Alan Wake, a Twin Peaks-inspired survival horror game. Though it wasn’t particularly a huge hit among critics, the episodic structure of Alan Wake coupled with its ambiguous ending has left plenty of room for a sequel.


Remedy have yet to comment on whether their next project is indeed Alan Wake 2, though according to the Official Xbox Magazine, it’s “looking promising.” The developer is currently working on an iOS remake of their 1996 top-down racer, Death Rally.

Source: Gamasutra



  1. No thank you, after being exclusive to the 360 first time round, I wont support these developers

    • You’ve lost me. Are you implying that because these developers are exclusive to the 360 that you won’t be buying anything from them, ever?

      • So if Sony have plenty of exclusive devs, great, but if Microsoft do they get hated for it? How’s that fair?

      • I think what is trying to say is that he won’t support a dev who says they’ll release their game on all platforms and then releases it only on one.

      • Ah, right. Yes. I remember Alan Wake being originally multi-platform, if memory serves me correctly. Still, that’s no reason to shun a developer (if they then go exclusive) but there we go. To each their own.

    • Why not? I haven’t got a Xbox anymore but it seems a bit mean to not support devs due to choice of platform

      • it doesn’t mention being on another platform, so i don’t really see where your coming from, unless your an x box owner that feels all games should be available on all consoles. a self hating xbox owner?

      • aren’t they all?

        oh wait…I own one too…keep forgetting that

  2. Ooh! I’d love a sequel to it, absolutely loved the first.

  3. Would be great if this comes to PS3.

    • It won’t. Microsoft signed an exclusivity deal with Remedy

    • Yeah that would be great because i think their are more people on ps3 that like this sort of game.

  4. Would be better on ps3!

  5. Just picked up the first one and am gonna give it a go this, me hears good things about this.

    Agree that it’s no reason to banish a dev just because they go exclusive.

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