UK Charts: Week Ending April 2nd

The biggest surprise of this week is MotorStorm Apocalypse completely missing the UK top ten, and instead charting down at number 17. The delay coupled with retailer confusion could have been a factor, which is such a pity as the game is fantastic.

Crysis 2 hangs on to the top spot, but Zumba Fitness appears from nowhere to chart in at number 2. WWE All-Stars does reasonably well, and seems to have garnered a much warmer reaction than the recent SvsR games.


FIFA 11 is still in the top ten. It cannot be stopped.

  1. Crysis 2 (EA)
  2. Zumba Fitness (505 Games)
  3. LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars (Activision/LucasArts)
  4. Shift 2 Unleashed (EA)
  5. Homefront (THQ)
  6. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 (EA)
  7. WWE All Stars (THQ)
  8. FIFA 11 (EA)
  9. Pokémon White (Nintendo)
  10.  Art Academy (Nintendo)

Source: MCV



  1. In fairness, that game was technically released only last week, but it has been in shops like Tesco, HMV, Xtra-Vision, Argos, Director’s Cut, etc. (And those are just the shops I saw them in).

    • I mean that it’s been in those shops since the original release date. Just realised that comment wasn’t clear. I’m blaming the fact that I’m just up out of bed.

  2. Sony really did Motorstorm some damage by the delay. It’s already being discounted to shift copies.

    • It’s also been a really busy period of games on the PS3. The amount of great games is brilliant but sometimes they need to space them out a bit.

  3. I didn’t even know Motorstorm was out yet! Considering I am well up in the more game-savvy end of the potential market, that says quite a lot really.

    • Lol same. It wasn’t until I was walking around Norwich on saturday (6-0 btw!) that I saw a couple of Motorstorm posters. Can’t even remember seeing any copies in Game actually…

    • yeah its sort of been left in the wind. I haven’t seen any adverts anywhere and no copies in any of my local game stores or posters in any of my local HMV’s and the such and i live in the middle of Glasgow! Sony really messed up on this one

  4. Also, WTFF is Zumba Fitness?!

    • A Latin Dance game. It didn’t even make the PS3 chart. Massive Wii sales though.

      Just checked a few sites and it seems that it only got released for the Wii on Friday which may explain the rise up the charts.

      • Yeah, when I was selling my 3DS at GAME a woman bought 2 copies on the Wii. Why 2?!

      • You sold your 3DS?

      • Yup. Needed the cash so sold it for £190 cash at GAME and 2 games at HMV for £21 each so I’m up in terms of what I paid for it. I just wanted to try it out and barely used it when I had it. I’m not really into handheld gaming.

      • Not bad going then! :) Yeah, I can’t imagine I would play it much either. My wife picked up a DS (normal one) and I think I only ever played 2 games (Professor Layton series)

      • It’s always the same story for the Wii.

  5. As nasty as it sounds I’m glad Motorstorm didn’t sell very well. Maybe now they will revert back to the formula of the first one (when it was actually decent!). Just my opinion of course. One factor they got right this time around was keeping the 4 player split screen play but also allowing you to take it online.

    • I still think MotorStorm Apocalypse is a very good game but it does take a while to get used to the track layouts changing during a race, which can be different each time you re-play the race.

    • Eh, I don’t know if its not like the first why should the 3rd be punished for being diffrent?, Pafific Rift was great and if Apocalypse is similar why go back to the first?

      We as gamers hope that every quality game sells well, its not really justicable if one much worst sells millions with a Metacritic of 40 or below.

      Remember the lives of developers are at skake here, lets save them heh-heh

  6. Motorstorm debuted in 17th, not 18th.

  7. Its nice to see Homefront is still doing well now that Crysis2 is out. Its got some problems but its still one of the more fun mulitplayer experiences I’ve had :)

  8. Zumba fitness is a very big surprise … out selling LSW3!

  9. Hang on. . . call of duty isn’t here? somethings very wrong

    • Theres some new titles here (I think), CoD has finally fallen to the might of Pokemon!

      • Dear god. . . thank you :’) really thank you

  10. Even with the botched launch I still expected MotorStorm Apocalypse to be in the top ten.

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