inFamous 2 Trailer Flaunts New Powers

The launch of inFamous 2 is quickly approaching, as well as the beta so many gamers are talking about. Just in case those two things didn’t already have you excited, Sucker Punch have released a new trailer that is bound to do the trick. It focuses on Cole showing off some of his new powers, which include a couple of new elements that we didn’t get to see in the first game. You also get a close look at Zeke during what appears to be a cinematic for one of the missions.

Check it out.

Source: YouTube



  1. Can.Not.Wait!

  2. Can’t seem to get interested in this game. Played through and completed the first but found it all rather boring really. No doubt this will get outstanding reviews, I’ll feel the need to go and buy it and end up thoroughly disappointed by the fact its just the same as the first. Sandbox got boring for me ages ago.

    • The first one did that to me, never played it. This one seems more interesting.

  3. Trailer looks good. :) I enjoyed the first game and I’m starting to get excited about this one now.

  4. Ice and fire! wow this looks alot better then the first, its on my list!

  5. These new powers could make for some really strategic battles.


  6. I think I’m going to play Infamous this weekend. It’s getting me excited lol. I enjoyed the 1st one as a goody. But now time to be Evil!

  7. I have to say, that really does look excellent. I still cannot believe the graphical leap from the original. Bravo, Sucker Punch, bravo.

  8. Now that is a good trailer! anyone know the music in it?

  9. epic.

  10. that video puzzles me, because playing through the first game i’m at a certain point, i won’t spoil it, i’ll just say it’s when you climb the tower, and that scene looks unlikely to happen after what occurs in the first game.
    i guess i’ll see what changes as i get closer to the end of the game.
    the new powers look cool though, was that fire as well as ice?
    all he needs now is earth for a full elemental set. ^_^
    no wait, what about water?
    nah, wouldn’t go well with his electric powers.

    makes you think though, if water can hurt him that much, how’s he wash?
    i bet he stinks. o_O

    • Can I interest you in some medication?

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