XBL Getting Free-To-Play Games?

Free-to-play games are all the rage right now on PC and if ‘a trusted source’ from IGN is to be believed, Xbox Live may be getting them as well. According to them, Microsoft will allow these types of games in the future where users can purchase additional DLC packs and in-game content not included with the free version.

Obviously, this is a rumour, and a big one at that. IGN didn’t list their source but this certainly sounds feasible to us. Games on the Xbox Live Arcade and DLC packs for retail titles sell like hotcakes so if your Microsoft, why not try the free-to-play market for a while and see if it’s worth your time?

Source: IGN



  1. The words Microsoft and Free all in one article, never though I’d see the day. Works out pretty well for me though considering I’m planning on getting one next week.

  2. This depends on the type of game for me. If it is farmville-esque then I won’t be playing these.

  3. *cough* Joy ride *cough* *cough*

  4. XBL and free?….. In the same sentence? ….Really?…. Wow

  5. Bet it’s only for Gold members… ;)

    • hey, that’s my line.

      if you need a gold sub, it’s not exactly free.

      i might be interested in some f2p mmos on xbox, i could even see myself spending some points on stuff if they’re good enough.
      but i still won’t pay for a gold sub.

    • yep, I bet it is

      and IF it is, it’s probably because of the success of the PS+ subscription (if you can call it a success yet) I always thought it was odd that the 360 didn’t have free games for gold members.

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