Sucker Punch Take A Swipe At The Xbox 360

Despite being a free studio, Sucker Punch, the guys behind PS3 exclusive inFamous 2, aren’t shy at taking a dig at the Xbox 360.

As spotted by Geek Revolt, the latest gameplay video contains a cute little Easter egg, just in time for, well, Easter.  The video’s below.


What’s the dig?  An electronics store called, subtly, ‘Red Ring Electronics’, which comes complete with the familiar (albeit now outdated) and aptly infamous ‘red ring’ of death logo.

The gag’s at around the 3.30 mark.  They’re having a ‘blow out sale’, too, for double giggles.

Ah, what cads.



  1. Right off to the store then…..


  2. Take that 360 ! :D

  3. Wow. And to think it was whilst I was playing the original inFamous my original 60gb PS3 contracted the YLOD…

  4. Their are pretty many easter eggs in the game. Like Uncharted 2,Little big planet,call of duty,Sly 4.

  5. Bulletstorm had the RRoD at the start of the game lol, but it’s not an Easter Egg your meant to go that direction xD

  6. Brilliant. take that MS!

  7. Looks amazing, I love a cheap dig at the opposition too, being a PS fanboy and all. inFamous 2 is looking like a contender for GoTY too me, such a leap up from the first!

    • GOTY is surely between this and Drakes Desert Adventure…. :-)

  8. I actually quite like digs like this. Completely harmless in my opinion

    • Not to mention rather funny as well. Did anyone notice the hilarious “Blowout Sale” (lol) sign on the store with the >.<? haha pure gold.

  9. the game is looking great.

  10. Jesus, Cole has got to grips with his powers big time.

    Red Ring ha ha ha ha!

    Day one for me, love inFamous!

    • shame he can’t talk properly though.

      looks even more epic than the first…and that’s saying something

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