New Kirby Game Sees You Controlling Up To 10 Kirbies

There’s no denying it; despite being absolutely fantastic Kirby’s Epic Yarn died an epic death when it hit retail in the UK, and didn’t even break into the top 40.

Rather than throw in the (fluffy pink) towel, Nintendo has detailed a new Kirby game for the DS. Consuming fruit in the game sees you gain access to up to ten Kirbies, which are controlled via the DS’ stylus. These Kirbies are used to solve puzzles and beat up enemies, and if one happens to die you can send the rest to rescue him before his spirit floats away.


It’ll be out in Japan by the end of the year, so hopefully it will reach our shores sometime before the apocalypse.

Source: 1UP



  1. Man that’s a lotta Kirbies

    • Dammmmnnn, thats more like a helova lot a Kirbies….

    • Kirby now as a army….. beware!!

    • since kirby is his name, wouldn’t it be kirbys instead of kirbies?

  2. I blame the low-key dates…. like honestly was Kirby really released before April if so WTF, how ws it missed?

  3. Sounds like they’ve seen Loco Roco then.

    • yeah buts its a platformer….. locoroco is completely different

      • It was just the eat fruit to expand numbers and try and rescue lost members before the soul gets away – v similar to Loco Roco

      • I haven’t played it much so I wouldn’t really remember ahha

  4. So this is coming out for the DS? 3DS owners must be bummed. Sure you can still play it but sans the 3D effects or upgraded graphics.

  5. What a bunch of bitches Kirby Epic Yarn was probably one of the funnest games i have played in a long time

  6. DS you say? Kirby’s awesome, I already see this nestling nicely in the back of my DSi. :)

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