Section 8: Prejudice Launch Trailer

With the Xbox 360 release imminent, Timegate has released a launch trailer for its first person shooter, Section 8: Prejudice.

A sequel to 2009’s ‘Section 8’, this download only title will be hitting the Xbox 360 on April 20th, the PC on May 4th and the PS3…sometime in the summer.

Source: YouTube



  1. I think I saw the word “Jetpack” in there.


  2. Actually looks damn good.

  3. Man, 4th May on PSN would’ve been quality what with a Plus refresh and all, plus this game looks pretty damn awesome, here’s hoping for a release soon, the XBLA demo will have to tide me over til then

  4. Not too bothered bout this one. Looks ok though.

  5. First one was pretty good, dodgy controls aside. Can’t really go wrong with a jetpack/space marine combo, though. Looking forward to Prejudice.

    • Apologies for the double post, but I had to laugh at 0:38 in the trailer – “at $15 it’s a day-one buy”. Really? In the trailer for the game, they’re boasting that critics are saying “hell yeah, I’ll buy this cuz it’s cheap!”

  6. The trailer’s emphasis on price makes it appear a little cheap, when it looks anything but. I’d buy it if I didn’t think there wasn’t enough shooters in the market, and right now theres plenty of other different games (and new consoles) being released. Maybe later? :P

  7. a day1 purchase, since i only have a ps3, kz is the only space shooter i have.
    will fill the halo void, cant wait :)

  8. Looks better than I thought it would. Will it be £9.99 in the UK?

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