Section 8: Prejudice Dated

TimeGate has announced that the download only title ‘Section 8: Prejudice’ will be hitting Xbox LIVE on April 20th. The Games for Windows version will follow on May 4th, with the PS3 version just down as “summer”.


Costing $15, the game is a direct sequel to 2009’s ‘Section 8’, although this time there is said to be much more content.

Source: Joystiq



  1. Surely the original sold really badly and regularly was cut to half price on the PSN store? Wouldn’t have thought they would have bothered with a sequel :S

    • and if they did, I wouldn’t have thought they would have left PS3 players so long till they got it.

      • Think it did quite well on the Xbox, so they may be testing the waters to see how a sequel will fare in comparison to the first.
        If it does well it may come across to PS3, but if it flops, I suspect that there is a possibility they may just not bother.

      • A runny about shooty space marine game did well on Xbox? Really? OMG.

      • I know – I was pretty shocked too! :)

  2. Well that just confirms its fate

    • yeah kind of weird how they are not being released together

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