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ComputerAndVideoGames.com are one of the UK’s oldest and greatest online sources for video game writing. Many of us have looked to them for inspiration when we started our own journey down the path of writing words about games for other people’s entertainment. But they’re competitors now, aren’t they? We’re not supposed to publicly support or endorse them are we? Isn’t that the common logic?

Well, hogwash to all that. When we see a noble cause or a good idea we’ll throw ourselves behind it, regardless of where it’s come from. And this morning, CVG Editor and friend of TSA, Tim Ingham, had a very good idea.


Regular readers of TheSixthAxis might notice that we often point out idiocy in the mainstream media when it comes to discussing our favourite pastime. We complained about Alan Titchmarsh, Panorama and Watchdog. We highlighted the crass, hateful idiocy of the Daily Star more than once.

We’ve always been of the opinion that it’s not only incorrect and ill-advised when people with no knowledge of a subject speak out about it, it’s harmful and offensive. Today, CVG have decided to launch a campaign to highlight the instances when someone with little or no knowledge of video games or video game culture says something profoundly stupid about them.

Spurred on by this morning’s circus of ignorance on Channel 5’s Matthew Wright Show, CVG are making fun little badges to demonstrate when someone has spilled ignorance on our hobby. For those that missed the Matthew Wright Show, be that through employment, educational commitments or good taste, we’ll summarise what happened.

Matthew Wright smugly agreed with Stefanie Powers and Anne Diamond (who showed a less than honourable relationship with the truth when she appeared on Celebrity Fit Club, let’s not forget) when they decided that the recent tragic gang-related shooting of Agnes Sina-Inakoju, and today’s tabloid stories that the guns used were stored by a younger child, was probably the fault of Nintendo. I know, stunning, isn’t it?

Rather than focus on social issues and cultural movements that genuinely contribute to the rise of gang culture, they chose to offload all responsibility by pretending to themselves that it was because the people involved might have played a videogame once or twice. Maybe.

Here’s a direct quote from Stefanie Powers:

It’s the horrible violent video games which, I’m terribly sorry, they’ve been used far too long as baby-sitting devices, so that children are raised with these flashing, hot symbols of violence. And irresponsible violence; there’s no responsibility to the violence.

No, Stefanie, there is responsibility to the violence. The responsibility lies with the adults who purchase age-inappropriate, clearly marked and professionally rated material and then give it to minors. So, parents then. Mostly. I’d posit that at least some of the responsibility has to go on those that choose to divert attention from the genuine problems by scaremongering about entertainment media. So, you then, Stefanie. But why shoulder your part of the blame when it’s easier to point elsewhere? Avoiding the truth of an issue always results in a speedy correction of that problem doesn’t it? Er, no.

CVG’s campaign, although clearly put forward with a touch of humour, is one we fully support. They’ve called it Witless and Ridiculous Opinions of Non-Gamers (W.R.O.N.G.) and are asking for support from anyone who’ll lend it. Well, CVG, you’ve got our support on this one.

To join in with their campaign and to grab the little badges they’re making, head over to this page.



  1. Can’t wait to see the old granny homepage pic on Leadergamer.

  2. If I were in the UK, I’d gladly support. Just a shame they can’t seem to take a leaf out of the dutch’s book; http://www.thesixthaxis.com/forum/gaming-banter/the-most-balanced-debate-about-videogames-on-tv-yet/ .

    • The difference between the UK and Holland is actually quite big on this subject. This was one of the first ever shootings in Holland. This was literally the first time the media discussed it like this, and besides, videogames are mass market now, people are used to seeing them. In the UK, you seem to have had more of these incidents earlier on meaning that you were already talking about videogames as a cause when they weren’t mass market yet.

      Just my two cents.

  3. I wonder if they play any form of game on their phone… angry birds… that’s a violent game towards pigs and birds.

  4. Bloody good idea there, what!

  5. “Matthew Wright smugly agreed with Stefanie Powers and Anne Diamond”

    -Was there even an instance of Matthew Wright doin anything in an un-smug manner?

    All for this, fight the power!

  6. Ive stopped watching TV apart from two channels because of the problems in manstream media like this (something Charlie Brooker has recently been covering in a new TV series). Its great to see this campaign come up to highlight this ignorance :D

    • got to love Charlie Brooker

    • It is such a shame that only a few people in the media are willing to highlight the biased view on video games in the media.

    • Simple answer is to stop watching awful British TV. I will very rarely watch a programme on BBC, but other than that its DVD boxsets of american shows.

  7. Anything to try and help combat the utter ignorance that we find everywhere these days

  8. They blamed Nintendo!? wait, The same Nintendo that has released a family based console. that is a new low. The media are very happy to ignore any possible mental issues,bad parenting and just want to blame video games. The Daily mail will be happy with wright then. If video games do cause people to copy them, then why have i not seen a child eat mushrooms and jump on turtles? It p*sses me off whenever a person in the media blames video games for a crime. Yeah, because there is no way that a parent could be to blame. Just because we play video game that does not mean we are murderers. I hate this country’s media. Why can’t they have a non biased view on video games?

  9. nice work TSA and CVG, these plonkers need zapping

  10. ““Matthew Wright smugly agreed with Stefanie Powers and Anne Diamond”

    -Was there even an instance of Matthew Wright doin anything in an un-smug manner?”

    I remember years ago when that tw*t used to write the Celebs column for the Daily Mirror, dishing the dirt on all and sundry, not letting small matters like Truth get in the way of a sleazy story. Then some bright spark decided to give him a platfrom on TV. Says it all really…

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