Sunday Thoughts: What’s Next?

What’s next? That’s a question I seem to be always asking myself. I love working on TheSixthAxis. I love working with committed, smart and talented people who do a truly exceptional job of getting interesting and entertaining content on the website at an astounding rate. But I’m always looking for something else.

Often, I can satisfy that urge towards new things right here on TheSixthAxis. I write a new feature or suggest some new changes to the site which give me the temporary buzz of feeling like I’m doing something new and exciting again. The podcast feels different every time we record it and I loved making the video content when I had time for that.

Sometimes I look slightly further afield and force a hole in my schedule to write something for ScreenDemon or HalftoneHero. When I’m incredibly lucky I manage to find a few hours to make some music or write something completely unrelated. I recently wrote a scene for a screenplay I’ve been thinking about, for instance.

A while ago, I had an idea for something that I thought would be really fantastic. I fleshed the idea out a bit. I gave up a weekend and a few really late nights to write a design document and make concept art. I pitched the idea to friends and got great feedback. It was going to be brilliant. But then, as we were struggling to find time to actually work on the idea, someone else launched something almost identical. Don’t misunderstand me, there was no wrongdoing involved. It was just a good idea that seemingly occurred twice to two separate people. We were beaten to it. I was crushed.

TheSixthAxis saved me from sinking into a fit of depression. I could focus on what needed to be done, instead of wallowing in self pity for the missed opportunity. I could spend a Thursday evening making bad jokes with Kris and Lewis for the podcast. I could spend some time listening to members and reorganising the forums. There’s enough here to keep me occupied and my mind off the disappointment.

But I’m always asking myself what’s next. I always want something more than the routine necessary to keep the website running. I need to be thinking about something different or I start to lose interest all together.

TheSixthAxis consumes my life completely at the moment. Things generally quieten for me at the weekends (primarily because I force myself away from it for spells) but most weekdays I am always doing something with the site. From 9AM to 2AM, or later, I’m constantly working on or thinking about or responding to something related to TSA. I’m not complaining, I wouldn’t have it any other way and I know that there are other people who work just as hard in between their jobs and families. But it’s a gruelling routine and I often need something new to keep my mind active.

So, what is next? Well, I want TSA to be seen and known by more people. We’ve got the team here to be successful and we’ve got the readership figures. Now we just need people to notice us. We’re working on that but in the meantime, we keep on going. We keep doing the things we’ve done that have gotten us to this point. We keep strengthening the team with talent and we keep trying to reward the loyalty and commitment of the existing staff members who make TSA possible every day.

How do we intend to achieve those aims? Well, the most important thing is to keep the site ticking over, the news output steady and the features and opinion pieces landing every day. Without the staff here, that would be impossible. On top of that, I think we have to look to new avenues for the future.

There’s still a slim possibility we could do something with the idea I mentioned earlier. That could build the public profile of the site in a big way if we got it right. It’s tricky now that we’ve been beaten to the punch but there might be scope to adjust slightly and still do something exciting.

We could move to other avenues of getting our content out there. I’ve always had ambitions to run a magazine and with the advent of digital publishing, particularly on iOS devices, this is becoming an affordable possibility. I think that we have some of the best writing talent on the internet here at TSA and I’d like to see them given the opportunity to branch out.

We could bring back the video content we’ve done in the past and do new things with that medium. There are a one or two extra staff members here now who are more than capable with video.

I’ve got concepts and ideas which I plan to work with when I have some more time. I need that diversion to keep things interesting for me. But I’d love to hear what you would like to see next from TheSixthAxis (or ScreenDemon and HalftoneHero). After all, if we know it’s something you want then we can be reasonably sure we’re heading in the right direction.

So, what’s next? Well, what do you want?




  1. I’ve literally only read the last sentence, but figured I’d chance my arm and ask for a Cornetto??

    • Take a bow, son. Take a bow.

    • I’d be very interested to see or at least know what the idea someone else did already was.

      Personally, being on the Community Team side of things, I’d love to see the active community get bigger and more involved. It’s always a big discussion in the back rooms about what we can do to get more entries etc. etc. and we’d love it to get much bigger across the board.

      With the content side of things, video reviews would be cool. Particularly when it comes to downloadable titles that have no demos.

      Also a newsletter could be cool to come back again.

      Lastly we need a TSA anthem so we can sing it over headsets in games and annoy French guys who then send you a PM telling you to “Shut the hell up” (after translation).

      • TSA theme, gotta be the next community comp!

      • Other sites play, TSA kills, I say other sites play, TSA kills

        *just a s*** rip-off of Kings of Metal

  2. You lot are doing a dandy job, especially with the podcast(s?), I think the site can only go up. The video content would be great, maybe some video reviews?

  3. What do I want….. hmmmm. Dunno really. Its all pretty good here. Maybe change that [member] thing up there to [not much of a thinker]…that’ll do :)

    • Nice idea, dole out some more custom tags. Would be cool :)

      • yeah, there are too many people with the member tag. How a tag for the regulars?E.g. TheLoneSteven[TSA Regular].:D

      • Or TheLoneSteven [TSA spambot]

      • Good idea, it gets lonely up here in the tagged elite!

    • Custom Tags would be awesome, even if they were chosen by the ‘Powers That Be’ – would be nice to have the stripes us loyalists have earned :-)

  4. What do i want? that is a very good question. I could put a silly answer such as taking over the world but i think i would be slapped for that. I want and need a job. i would like for TSA tv to make a return as it finshed when i joined. TSA only has one direction to go in and that is straight up.

  5. Did I hear magazine? Done, you make it and I’ll buy it :) Remember the Powerstation gaming magazines that stopped last year? Thesixthaxis could do take it’s place and provide reviews, blogs, cheats, tips, glitches etc, it would be cool. Btw, Peter I appreciate the work you have put into this site as well as the rest of the team.

    • Powerstation stopped?

    • A Magazine like Rios online Mag would be epic!

  6. I quite like things as they are :)

  7. I wouldn’t go so far as to say magazine, but a monthly PDF perhaps with news roundups and some articles that aren’t on the site and, crucially, news about TSA itself and the community, perhaps. That would be excellent, actually, let’s do that.

    And yes, more videos. I like videos. Not necessarily video reviews but supplements to go with reviews.

    I’d also like professional recording equipment so I can record without humming noises infesting the output. Not of TSA’s concern, obviously, but I just thought I’d mention…

    • A monthly free newsletter/magazine to distribute and publish may be a rather good idea actually, achievable and has the potential to raise TSA’s reputation.

    • Videos for sure. I said it last time but will say it again – as a film production student I’m more than happy to help with any video productions TSA create :)

  8. I don’t know what to do next, just as long as the TSA keeps writing honest reviews and pre-views, putting a spotlight on all aspects of the industry (business, media, developers etc etc), and maintaining a great community.

  9. I think the mobile site needs some improvement. If I was to read this article on my phone it just comes up as a wall of text.

    The Magazine or magazine style app would be a brilliant idea.

    Also more videos would be very nice but I can understand why there hasn’t been very many so far, as they are time consuming and the equipment probably costs a lot of money.

  10. FPS FTW!

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