Inversion Cinematic Trailer

Sabre Interactive, creators of Timeshift, have sneakily launched a trailer for their new third person shooter, Inversion. Though most of you will still be picking your jaws up of the ground after this afternoon’s Uncharted 3 multiplayer reveal, this new gravity-defying cinematic is still worth a watch.

The script does sound a little cheesy in places, and the game’s protagonist is unashamedly generic, Sabre Interactive hoping their unique gravity-manipulative gameplay will prove to be a winner.


However, with that in mind, a great many gimmick-centric shooters have stepped up to try their luck in the past only to be shot down; Dark Sector, Fracture, Mindjack and Sabre’s Timeshift just being a few of the fallen.

Source: Gametrailers.



  1. Looks interesting, if not a bit bizarre. Gravity’s sort of a given in games, weird to mess around with it.

  2. Does sound a bit cheesy but looks like it could turn out pretty good with the whole gravity thing.
    It could also turn out very badly as well.

    • For some reason you can never quite tell with third person shooters.

  3. What the fu…..?

  4. Videos lagging PS3s silly browser, so I’ll see this when I get on a pc. They better not mess it up, fed up with mediocre games

  5. A pretty neat and new twist action wise. The thought of the enemy coming from every angle could make for some intense action.

  6. Timeshift was odd, this looks alright though…

  7. That first shot of the whole building with the hoard running up the side is pretty awesome. I agree that gimmick-centric shooters have been pretty hit and miss (mostly miss) in recent times, but I can always hope. Red Faction and Singularity seemed to get some praise.

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