Portal 2: Single Player’s At Least 10 Hours

Saturday evening saw the completion at TSA Towers of Valve’s Portal 2. In comparison to the first game, which was bundled as part of the Orange Box alongside Half Life 2 and Team Fortress 2, the second game is considerably longer, running at somewhere (for us, at least) between ten and eleven hours.

The first game took about three and a half hours to get through, which puts Valve’s claims of the sequel being around two to three times longer at almost pinpoint accuracy.


So, if you were wondering about the length of this game, wonder no longer: it’s plenty big enough and absolutely packed with everything that made the first Portal so damned brilliant.  It’s rare I play through a game from start to finish without taking the disk out of the drive, but Portal 2 was one such game, and everyone I’ve spoken to agrees.

And then, of course, there’s the expansive co-op multiplayer mode, which features entirely new puzzles and a different structure from the single player game.

Our review goes live tomorrow morning at 9am.



  1. Yay! I’m giddy with excitement about Portal 2. I haven’t heard a single negative about it yet. Will have to wait to payday though, so may need to avoid the internet for a fortnight.

  2. Played through the first game again last week and forgot how ridiculously clever it is! So far, for me at least, only a handful of games have truly made my jaw drop and 80% of them are valve games! Portal 2 is pre-ordered and I am anxiously awaiting the “slightly” early release (which is awesome in itself!)

  3. Wow that’s a decent sized game! Trying to resist the urge to blow all my GameStation credit on this!

  4. Looking forward to reading the review. I haven’t actually played the first Portal – don’t punish me please, but I am intrigued..

    • You really should. You can pick it up dirt cheap on Steam or XBLA now and it’s a part of gaming history. Also, GlaDOS (the homicidal computer)’s personality builds carefully in the first game and you’d miss that if you go straight into this.

      • I had planned to play the first one before this but I’ve been too lazy to buy this from Steam for god knows how long now. Need to get my finger out. Thanks for the nudge.

    • I heard that if you buy Portal 2 off steam, you would get the original for free.

  5. That’s some great news there, looking forward to your review as well, I’m sensing a good score here, hehe.
    Will be picking this up wednesday, sure it’ll be great!

  6. New time poster

    Great news wrt length of the SP. I was hoping for at least 7 hours so this is the icing on the cake..

  7. I have an incredibly short attention span so I will probably end up looking up how to do the harder puzzles lol.
    So is that 10 hours though with 4 of them spent trying to work out puzzles, or actually 10 hours worth of puzzles to do?

    • There’s a difference? lol

    • To be honest, looking up puzzles is cheating and while I’m fine with people cheating if they want to (offline only of course), you have to agree that completing a game in a shorter time by doing so is not an accurate reflection of the game length.

      • Yeah, it’s probably cheating but I don’t care lol. It’s better to use a walkthrough for a hard bit and still enjoy the game than to become stuck and frustrated at a hard puzzle.

      • get you totally gaz would do the same if I was stuck.

    • Obviously with Portal 2 I don’t know anything, but when I played the first game I was surprised at how quickly I could grasp the solution to all the puzzles. I was expecting to have to use a walkthrough a lot, but I only needed to quickly check one thing across the whole game (and that was mainly because I’d completed the level over a couple of days and had forgotten exactly how it started, which was important at the end). The game wasn’t too easy by any means, but it certainly wasn’t too hard.

      • I think the original portal did very well at getting the learning curve just right (for me). I was able to solve all the puzzles without ever getting stuck for long enough to get frustrated. I hope they do as well this time, but it will be harder for them because some players are completely new to the portal mechanics while some remember the tricks from the first one.

  8. Review goes live tomorrow at 9! Great, I’ll be up around 11..

    good to hear its that big a game. I’m sick of games with 5 hour story modes..

  9. :O Portal 2 sounds better every time it is mentioned on here.:D

  10. Great news! I was wondering how long the game would be but I can put my fears to rest now. Will pick it up this week and plow through it since I have the week off! :D

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