Dynasty Warriors 7 DLC On The Horizon

Despite the hours of content available at launch, there was no doubt a minority of DW players worried about the lack of day-one DLC for Omega’s latest hack n’ slasher.

One of the developer’s other titles, Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll, had its batch of localised DLC cancelled in February, leading to fears that Dynasty Warriors 7 would follow suit.


Fortunately, Tecmo KOEI representative and friend of TSA, Chin Soon Sun (more commonly known as Insp. Chin) has recently confirmed in a community blog entry that European DW7 content is definitely on its way and could come as soon as next week.

I’ve received many questions regarding DLC for Dynasty Warriors 7 in overseas [version] for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The team is working on it, so expect it to come in the very end of April or the very beginning of May.

The DLC [will] be a huge pack which contains the Japanese voice option with Dynasty Warriors 6 costumes, also the BGM, stages, weapons (weapon pack might cost some) – also not to worry because you’ll get other old Dynasty Warriors costumes as well, will keep you updated when the time comes. Sorry for the wait!

It sounds like quite a haul for DW fans, and it will be interesting to see what price-point KOEI decide to run with.

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Source: Insp. Chin’s Blog


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  1. The free DLC is always nice with the “Warriors” games. Glad to see them continuing with it. If it’s significant DLC then obviously I’m happy to pay though :)

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