Red Faction Armageddon ‘Ruin Gameplay’

A couple of months ago we brought you some of our impressions on the ‘Ruin’ game mode that’s coming for Red faction: Armageddon. Today, we have a video of this mode in action so you can see the carnage first-hand.

Having not played this mode, it looks as though mindlessly demolishing things would get a little stale after a bit, but seeing how well everything falls apart and how polished the destruction is does make me interested to try it. Check out the video below and if you’d like to know more, you can read our impressions, here.


Source: Gametrailers



  1. I dont get it, the trailer is amazing… But on the very first Red Faction I remember… You could destroy even the stone.

    You could make new paths for yourself, destroying stuff is fun, but hell… Not just the buildings, please :(

    • Blame the lack of processing power of the consoles with these kind of graphics. It’s not like they just went ahead and ditched the idea of destroying rocks.

  2. Love it, day one for me. This and InFamous 2 looking likely to take up quite a lot on my gaming time this summer.

  3. I thought the novelty of destroying buildings would wear off (in Guerilla) but it didn’t. I just played the entire game thinking “why aren’t all games like this?”. :-)

  4. Who glued the camera to his shoulder?

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