PSN Down For Up To Two Days

The latest update on the problem with the PSN states that the issue may take up to two days to resolve fully, and that further updates will be delivered as and when they are received.

According to the PlayStation Retail Loyalty Site’s official Twitter account, the problem is in Japan and is currently under investigation.

Source: EU PS Blog, Botchweed



  1. Boooooo!

    • Hiss!

      • Still better than Microsoft’s record of 14 days Xbox Live downtime….

        Thanks Anonymous, you really are a bunch of fuckwits.

      • It’s not Anon.

      • Damn you, SkyNet!

      • Why is everyone blaming Skynet? everyone knows that it is a complete and justiable computer network

      • i don’t think its a hacker it has to be someone from sony, its not Easy to hack a big company like this, someone from sony is doing it it has to be a inside job, to be world wide, no hacker can do this…

      • Clearly is anonymous, or a splinter group.

        Is anyone really foolish enough to think it’s concidence that this started at the same time as the easter shutdown? Come on, this is clearly the work of annoyed hackers that Sony locked them out of pirated games.

      • I very much doubt it’s an inside job. I also don’t think that the network being down for 2 days is a direct result of the hackers. We all know that they have been affecting the stability of PSN, and I should think that if it is indeed due to hacking, Sony have taken PSN offline to try and make it more secure.

  2. Anonymous?

    • No, Japanese. Can’t you read?

      • I was going off the original EU PSBlog post.

      • Bit harsh Kaminari, is it not possible for Anonymous to have Japanese members?

      • I think it may have been a joke. As in no it’s not anonymous because it says Japan silly. At least that’s the way I read it. :)

      • Not like SONY would admit that it was those [email protected]

    • Yes, it’s anonymous. The Japan thing is just a lame coverstory being used by anonymous to try and move the finger of blame from them.

      Even Sony have admited on the EU PS Blog that it’s a DDoS attack.

      I’m guessing anyone running LOIC will be getting a visit from the police very soon, facing some pretty serious computer misuse charges, all because someone they don’t know on the internet made them believe Sony deserved it for removing something they never really cared about. Some people are clearly morons.

  3. Oh blimey. Some sort of mass server failure perhaps due to the ongoing power problems in Japan? :s

    • This is probably closer to the sad reality of it.

      Take as long as you need Japan :tup: I hope donations are helping

    • Hmm likely story :)

  4. I don’t think it really matters. It’s going to be nice weather for the next few days anyway. Go outside people!!

    • if i could ‘like’ comments this would be one of them :)

      • Yes, I totally agree with you. It finally started raining today! Yayyyyyyyy!

    • outside? with all the air and people? are you crazy?

      • don’t forget the sunlight.
        the horrible warming life giving sunlight.

        and don’t get me started on trees, polluting the air with all that oxygen. O_O

      • Random battles go! *battle start!


    • I don’t wanna go outside! One ray of sunlight and BAM! My head explodes! I need to stay in a cool, dark room.

    • Nice one, good point.

    • I wish that was the nice.. it’s wet and cold out. I think the weather out here follows PSN.

  5. Offline Portal 2 it is then! I. Need. To. Continue with it

    • Do you really, I mean, what about coop. That is the bes…………….*garbled sounds*……… thing if it’s split-screen. Go play with [INSERT NEIGHBOUR’S NAME HERE].

    • Alright for some, i’m waiting to redeem the PC version from the PS3 version, but you need to be signed into the PSN and steam for it to be able to work :( And i don’t want to start it twice!! Even if theres cloud storage between the two, which i should really look in to….

    • NoDCUO as does not have offine I want my 2 days back

  6. Oh come on!!!

  7. Two days……

    be afraid

  8. More time to play PS1 classics on my PS2 then, oh, and Zombies Ate My Neighbours, Contra III & Super Star Wars on the SNES :)
    oh, and soon I’ll be on NHL 93 on the Megadrive , sry, on a bit of a retro nostalgia trip :)

  9. Oh well life goes on.

  10. Just finished Portal 2 story, all set up ready for some online co-op with my mate. Then turn PS3 on to find this. Epic fail -.-

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