Prototype 2 Trailer Explains Choice Of Villain

If you’re like me and know very little about the original Prototype game, you may be wondering why the protagonist in the first game is suddenly the enemy in Prototype 2. The video below tries to explain why the developers went that route, as opposed to sticking players with what they’re familiar with.

At the end of the video, you get to see a touch of new gameplay footage so even if you’re not interested in the story, there’s still something worth seeing. Check it out.

Source: YouTube



  1. I enjoyed the first one and platinumed it :)
    I’m excited for the sequel, though having Mercer as an enemy will feel strange to say the least.

    • yeahh but why would he infect this guy?? i dont get it…
      isnt Alex a good guy??

  2. Looking so interesting. Don’t think the first got as much love as it deserved.

  3. That’s a pretty clever idea. I chose infamous rather than prototype at the time when they were releases, maybe now’s the time to pick up a cheapo copy.

  4. That does seem a good idea, personally i really didn’t like the first one…only played a bit of it though.

  5. Liked the first one, had a few issues & inconsistencies, but much preferred it to inFamous.
    This looks interesting, hopefully the controls have received some loving.
    The graphics look much much better than the first too

  6. I enjoyed the 1st one and need to get gold on all missions lol.
    Looking forward to the 2nd. I must admit though Spend most time on Infamous than I did on Prototype.

  7. I don’t get why they would want to make him the bad guy. I mean I get that they needed to do something different, but I don’t like the hero turning enemy bit.

    Game looks good though.

  8. Looks pretty good. Might pick the first one up cheap.

  9. Bargain bin maybe a considered game.

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