Podcast: Episode 16

This week is peculiar on the Oscar Mike Media podcast. Lewis was sick and too strung out on hardcore pain medication to join us. So, a man down and in need of someone to be offensive, we rushed straight to TSA community stalwart bunimomike to sit in the spare seat.

As usual, it’s almost impossible to remember what we talked about. I’m fairly sure I gave brief mentions to Operation Flashpoint: Red River, SOCOM and Mortal Kombat before completely losing my train of thought. Mike talked about Rocky IV and Kris talked about Superman giving up his US citizenship. We had a disastrous quiz because things just fall apart without Lewis.

This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. With bunimomike on this I’d best grab the MP3 now before the Police take it down.

  2. I listened to this earlier. Good stuff, very funny :).

    You seem to enjoy talking about the TSA backend/plans, and then seem to worry that you have gone off topic and that people wont find it at all interesting. If I wasnt already staff, that would have been the most interesting part for me! I didnt want you to go back ON topic :P.

  3. Does anyone else think these podcasts are too long? I don’t want to sound like I’m bitching, because the actual content is consistantly brilliant and very funny. I just think an hour and half to two hours is a long time to sit down and listen to a podcast. I tend to listen up to the first hour then stop, and forget to come back to it

    I’m fairly sure I’ll get some shit for this, but I just think over an hour for any podcast is pushing it a bit.

    • You wont get any shit, that is a very fair comment.

      Personally, I will listen up to about 1:30 before I need to take a break, and I will end up coming back to it later. I listen to them while I’m working away though rather than put them on my iPod for when I’m travelling or whatever, so I have plenty of time for it, I just feel at that point I need a break!

      The 1 hour 30 mark seems to be the sweet point for me, although I can see how others would find it a bit too long.

      • It’s kind of stupid because I could quite easily come back to it on iTunes and carry on. I just forget! Typically, like right now, I listen to the podcast as soon as its available. Then I forget until the next week and listen to that one rather than finishing off the old one. I just wonder what others thought as the other podcasts I typically listen to last between half hour to an hour. Perhaps it’s just me though!

      • I find them too long and end up switching to something else for the trip back home after work. A hour maximum then my mind starts to wonder.

      • It varies from person to person, i personally like them long because it gives me something to relax and listen to for a good deal of time before i have to do more work. But then again, others prefer them shorter but hey-ho :)

      • How about 1 hour of movies and comics and 1 hour of games?

      • That’s as in, split it up into two parts, one for comics and movies one for games. SO that the people who want a two hour podcast can listen in one go and the others can take 1 part.

    • I understand where you’re coming from, but personally I don’t mind a long podcast. As a rough guide, the other casts I listen to (and rough length estimates) include: Giant Bombcast (2 – 2:30 hours weekly), Joint Ops (1 – 2 hours monthly), NDX (30 – 40 mins weekly), OPM UK (1 hour monthly), Pokémon Monday (30 – 40 mins weekly), PSM3 (1 – 1:20 hours twice a month), StarCast (1:30 – 2 hours weekly), TalkRadar (2:30 – 3 hours weekly), TalkRadar UK (1:30 – 2 hours weekly), Weekend Confirmed (2 – 2:30 hours weekly).

      So this kind of sits somewhere in the middle of those, and the content is excellent. That said, I understand that many people may not have the time to listen to a longer podcast. Just wanted to say that I don’t think over an hour is “pushing it”.

      • Agreed, same for me.

      • Also as a show of “I have too much time and love podcasts”, I listen to about half of them more than once. They’re my radio, I do a lot of walking and working and have them on pretty much the whole time I’m doing either of those if I’m alone.

      • I just listen to the whole thing at once. I usually just listen at night though to relax a bit.

    • I personally love the length. The longer the better.
      (inb4 that’s what she said)

  4. I decided to listen this week because Mike was on, good podcast guys! I’ll listen more often after you have me on it ;) Next week then lads? Good, sorted. :D

  5. hey guys, loved the podcast, loving the sixthaxis! talking of “fisto” from he-man reminded me of the jedi “kit fisto” from the clone wars era… :-D

  6. Great stuff, i’ve decided that we need more podcastyness on TSA! :) At the moment i get through all my podcasts in one night and yes i know, i could space it out but they’re great fun to listen to whole :D By the way, if CB, mike and Teflon were all on the same podcast, their voices are similar enough that you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart :P

  7. I’m not a big podcast fan, I’ve loved a couple over the years (Baddiel & Skinner are always good value and Russell Brand’s & Ricky Gervais’ early ones were great, but outside of them I just feel I’m being talked at and anything over half hour doesn’t really sink in & just becomes a noise but I’ve loved the first half hour of this. great stuff

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