Portal 2 DLC Contents Listed

It has been revealed that the first batch of Portal 2 DLC will feature new test chambers, an online leaderboard, a challenge mode for single and multiplayer modes, plus some additional features that weren’t listed.

The DLC is targeted for a summer release, and will be free across all relevant platforms. If you’re still undecided about the game then why not read our review, for science. You monster.

Source: Press Release



  1. Free DLC? That doesn’t happen very often!

    I was all ready to come in here and be annoyed that expensive DLC was being announced so soon. Can’t argue with this though! Bring it on!

    • It’s Valve, they pretty much rock! :)

      • Seconded, if evry company was like them, the world woulb be a very nice place to live in.

  2. If a game could have my babies, this would be the (un)lucky gal.

  3. Yes!

  4. Portal 2 is the first game ever that I finished and immediately thought “Right, when’s the DLC coming out?”

    • touche’

    • That was me with GT5. Except for the finishing part.

    • Portal 2 is the first game ever that I finished and immediately thought “I have to play this another 3 times!”.
      So I did.

  5. Challenge Mode? Yes!

    • I am so glad they have added this element. This just adds that missing element from the main game.

  6. This sounds great, I still haven’t played Portal 2 (hopefully getting it this Friday) but a Summer release should mean plenty of time to complete it ready for the DLC.

  7. I’m not normally one to get excited at the prospect of DLC but this sounds decent never mind that it’s also free!

  8. DownLoad Content Content?!? Sorry, semantics!

    • Downloadable content contents. The contents of the downloadable content. Have at ye, semantics! ;-)

  9. Free? With all that content that is pretty damn awesome! Loving Valve right about now =]

  10. Valve to give quite a lot of freebies for their games… just take a look at Team Fortress 2

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